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21 Best 45th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

45 years of marriage is quite the feat and we celebrate and applaud anyone who is shopping for a 45th wedding anniversary gift. With 50 years together on the horizon, you’re inching closer to half of a century together, and that deserves a celebration. Just like many of the bigger milestones, the traditional and modern gifts are the same and for 45 years that gift is sapphire.

We’ve rounded up our favorite sapphire anniversary gifts below.

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Need some gift inspiration? Get creative with sapphire-colored home decor items, especially if you're shopping for a couple. If you're shopping for your wife, sapphire jewelry is a great and easy option, and it's not terribly expensive. If you do want to wow, keep in mind that sapphire and diamonds are often used together in jewelry designs. We're confident that adding diamonds to any woman's collection is something that would be encouraged.

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