Top 10 Best Fur Wedding Shawls & Capes

The last thing most brides want to do is cover up their gorgeous (and expensive) wedding gown with a bulky winter jacket or coat. It’s not ideal for photos and without question, kind of ruins the look. Luckily, there are other options that are a bit more fashion forward, complementary to a wedding gown, and still seasonally appropriate.

With a very affordable price point (perfect if you only plan on wearing it once) and with the most traditional look, the first shawl on this list happens to be our top pick.

Fur shawls, wraps, boleros, and capes are all great accessories for a bride during her winter wedding and will only add to the overall aesthetic of her outfit. There are plenty of viable options that don’t use real fur, keeping costs down. In fact, most of the options on this list fall around or below the $50 price point, which is an entirely reasonable amount to spend on a wedding accessory that will keep you warm and looking the part.

While white fur is the most common option for brides, you can make your look more original by opting for brown, black, or even navy fur. Affordable faux fur shawls are also a great gift for your bridesmaids if the weather is looking chilly, giving them a great way to cover up for outdoor photos.

Shop our top 10 picks below for the best fur wedding shawls.

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