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30 Best 30th Anniversary Gifts: Your Ultimate List

Complete your 30th wedding anniversary with one of these traditional pearl or modern diamond gifts. The pearl anniversary is undeniably the toughest to shop for, but luckily, you have the expert gift-givers at Heavy.com to help. Here are the 20 best 30th anniversary gifts available right now:

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While pearls are almost definitely the less expensive option, there are certain approaches you can take to keep costs affordable. If pearls are also above your price point, keep in mind that many of the gifts on this list are made from the less expensive mother of pearl. Mother of pearl is the iridescent and shiny material that's secreted by an oyster or mollusk on the inside of the shell. When a foreign object enters the shell, the iridescent material builds up forming a pearl.

Pearl jewelry is the obvious choice for both men and women, but pearls and mother of pearl are used in so many unique home decor and fashion accessories that it shouldn't be hard to find something that suits your spouse. If you have the budget for it, splurge on the modern gift and surprise your partner with something that sparkles with diamonds. If you're out of time, a bouquet of lilies is the way to go as it's the traditional 30th-anniversary flower. Stop by a local florist or shop here for some lily inspired gifts that are available via Prime shipping.

Diamond is the modern gift for the 30th anniversary and there are tons of options, from diamond jewelry (an obvious choice) to diamond-shaped items like glassware or home decor. 

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