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21 Best 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you’re shopping for a 40th-anniversary gift, you’re probably shopping for someone either on the cusp of 60 years old or older. We created this list with the age of the recipients in mind in terms of style. We’ve also found gifts that are sentimental, thoughtful, and have some element of ruby, which is the traditional 40th-anniversary gift.

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If you're shopping for a woman, ruby jewelry is an easy way to incorporate the traditional anniversary gift. Ask yourself a few questions before you get to shopping. Does she like gold or silver more? Does she wear statement jewelry or is her style simpler? If you're shopping for your wife, you probably have a good idea of what works and what doesn't.

Men are a little bit tricky to shop for, but there are still some awesome options. Cufflinks, ruby red ties, or even a ruby red car (if you want to get extreme) are all awesome ideas.

Shopping for a couple? Consider ruby red home decor items, a case of red wine, or even a wine tasting that the couple can enjoy together. Shop below for our favorite 40th anniversary picks.


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