About Heavy.com

Heavy.com is an independently owned website that delivers sports news and information to an audience of passionate American sports fans.

Heavy’s coverage focuses on the big four professional American sports — NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL — super-serving team fans with articles and statistical features on the website, plus team-specific email newsletters and social platforms.

Heavy also covers the wider sports landscape including NASCAR, pro golf, the WNBA and college sports.

Heavy’s editorial staff collaborates with an elite group of professional, independent sports journalists who have cleared Heavy’s strict vetting process and adhere to documented standards.

Heavy’s reporting has been cited by ESPN, The Athletic, CBS Sports, Bleacher Report, NBC Sports and Sports Illustrated.

Heavy.com was founded by media entrepreneurs in 1999 as a video-focused entertainment destination. The site rebooted in 2012 as a real-time reporting platform and later refined its focus to sports coverage.

Heavy Inc. is an independent U.S. media organization unaffiliated with any strategic or financial partner. Over the past decade Heavy has generated billions of page views and experienced sustained profitability.