AI-Generated Absurdity: Cowboys Edition

Here’s an AI-generated absurdity for you to enjoy today courtesy of your Heavy on Cowboys newsletter team.

Prompt: A country song about the Dallas Cowboys and the upcoming NFL draft.

Answer: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. (Trust us. It’s worth it.)

Heavy’s Take: Does AI know something we don’t? Because we’re a tad concerned it came up with “Draft Day Blues” as the song title. You can read the lyrics to the song below.

In a small town bar, sittin’ on a stool
Tuning in to the radio, trying to keep my cool
Waiting for the news, as the clock ticks slow
The Dallas Cowboys’ draft pick, the world wants to know

[Verse 2]
The hometown heroes, ready to make their move
Scouts and coaches, looking for that groove
Will they find the next star, the one we will adore?
Or just another player, lost in the roar?

Oh, the nerves and excitement of draft day blues
Will our boys find a gem or just some more bad news?
Rooting for our team, through thick and thin
Hoping for that player, who’ll help us win again

AI Tool: Suno

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Prompt: The best thing about the Dallas Cowboys…


AI-generated picture of a Dallas Cowboys player.


Heavy’s Take: So yeah, I don’t know what I’m looking at in this picture. And maybe that’s the point? Because as a lifelong Cowboys fan, I never really know what I’m looking at. Are we good this year? Are we Super Bowl contenders? Or are we just a boring kind of terrible? That’s at least how it’s been since 1995 or so, and maybe that’s what AI is trying to communicate. This faceless and (hands-less) player doesn’t even have a memorable enough number to warrant it being on all sides of his jersey.

AI Tool: ImageFx