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  • Smark Rant: UFC 40 Vendetta

    Scott Keith is back with his latest Smark Rant for UFC 40: Vendetta. See what happened when Robbie Lawlor fought Tiki Ghosn, Chuck Liddell took on Babalu, Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock!

  • The Smark Rant for UFC 39: The Warriors Return

  • Smark Rant: UFC 38 Brawl At The Hall

  • The Smark Rant: UFC 37.5

  • Smark Rant: UFC 37 High Impact

  • The Smark Rant: UFC 36

    Scott Keith takes a look at UFC 36, featuring a preliminary card bout from none other than Frank Mir. Oh yeah, and Randy Couture defending his heavyweight title against Josh Barnett.

  • Smark Rant: UFC 35 Throwdown

  • Smark Rant: UFC 34 High Voltage

  • Smark Rant: UFC 33 Victory In Vegas

  • Smark Rant: UFC 31 Locked & Loaded

  • Smark Rant: UFC 30: Battle On The Boardwalk

    Scott Keith takes a retro look at UFC 30, the first-ever UFC show held under Dana White and Zuffa, with Tito Ortiz taking on Evan Tanner in the main event.

  • Smark Rant: UFC 27 Ultimate Bad Boyz

  • Smark Rant: UFC 26 The Ultimate Field of Dreams!

  • Smark Rant: UFC 25 Ultimate Japan 3!

  • The Smark Rant for UFC 23: Ultimate Japan 2

  • Smark Rant: UFC 22

  • The Smark Rant for UFC 19

  • The Smark Rant For UFC 18

  • The Smark Rant For UFC 17

  • The Smark Rant For UFC 16

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship 16: Battle in the Bayou!- Live from New Orleans, LA.- Your hosts are Mike Goldberg and Jeff Blatnick.- Another weight class is introduced tonight with the first ever Lightweight tournament, featuring a couple of future big names of the sport.

  • The Smark Rant For UFC 15

  • The Smark Rant For UFC 12

  • The Smark Rant For UFC 11

  • The Smark Rant For UFC 10

  • The Smark Rant for UFC 9

    Over the past fifteen years, Scott Keith made a career out of writing about the wacky world of professional wrestling. He's now turning his sights toward mixed martial arts and will be providing with exclusive reviews of past and present UFC shows.