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  • Veterans Day: From Shell-Shock to PTSD, A Century of Invisible War Trauma

    Mental health trauma has always been a part of war. Treatments have come a long way over the last century, but we still don’t understand why the responses change for different people and times.

  • How Crosses & Mementos Help Some Marines Remember Fallen Comrades

  • How You Can Help Veterans Every Day

  • New Discovery Reveals Possible Culprit Behind Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • How Winning $2 Billion Powerball Jackpot Could Still Lead to Bankruptcy

  • Blood Test That Screens for Multiple Cancers at Once Could Boost Early Detection

    Multicancer early detection blood tests are among the priorities of the Biden administration’s Cancer Moonshot. The tests show promise, but questions remain about when and how to use them.

  • Why Has Halloween Become So Popular Among Adults?

  • Will Elon Musk Take Twitter Private? What Would That Mean?

  • What Is RSV? 5 Questions About Respiratory Syncytial Virus Answered

  • Rishi Sunak: Who Is He & How Did He End Up as the New British Prime Minister?

  • Liz Truss Resigns as British Prime Minister: What Went Wrong & What Happens Next

    Only months into the job, British Prime Minister Liz Truss is on her way out already, leaving her government in search of a new leader and a way to regain public trust.

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  • What Is Rainbow Fentanyl: The Newest Halloween Scare Explained

  • Yom Kippur: What Does Judaism Actually Say About Forgiveness?

  • Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Over? 3 Experts Weigh In

  • How You Can Help Protect Sharks – & What Doesn’t Work

  • Queen Elizabeth II’s Death: The End of the ‘New Elizabethan Age’

  • Queen Elizabeth II: A Modernizer Who Steered the British Monarchy Into the 21st Century

  • Student Loan Forgiveness: Banking, Public Spending & Education Experts Weigh In

  • Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Lawsuit Spotlights How Difficult Search Warrants Are to Challenge

    Trump’s lawsuit against the FBI has been criticized as baseless. But it spotlights a loophole in federal law that doesn’t protect people’s rights when they are subjected to a search warrant.

  • Here’s How Government Documents Are Classified to Keep Sensitive Info Safe

  • Brittney Griner’s Sentence: How Long Will She Be in Prison?

  • Who Was Ayman al-Zawahri? Where Does His Death Leave al-Qaida?

  • Here’s Why Monarch Butterflies Are Now an Endangered Species

  • Is the US in a Recession? That Depends on Whom You Ask – & What Measure They Use

    The US economy shrank for a second straight quarter. While some call that a recession or a strong sign of one, a financial economist explains why the term probably doesn’t yet apply.

  • How Record-Setting Heat Waves Could Punish Economies Already Reeling From Inflation

  • Why Are Drug Names So Long & Complicated?

  • How the James Webb Space Telescope Helps the Search for Alien Life

  • James Webb Space Telescope: An Astronomer Explains the Stunning First Images

  • James Webb Space Telescope: Astronomer Reveals Details About How It Works

    It has taken eight months to test and calibrate all of the instruments and modes of the James Webb Space Telescope. A scientist on the team explains what it took to get Webb up and running.