11 Best Purple Shampoos for Silver Hair: Your Buyer’s Guide (2018)

best purple shampoo

I keep reading that gray is the hottest hair color right now. That’s awfully good news for arctic blondes like me. But keeping your silver tresses looking shiny and beautiful can get tricky, because a lot of things have changed since your hair changed from whatever color it was, to white.

Whether you’ve dyed it, or it’s gone gray, it’s likely to be drier, coarser or, in my case, kinkier. No matter how carefully I blow dry, I can’t get it smooth. And if you use hot tools like curling irons and flat irons, it has a tendency to get brassy looking, which is super frustrating.

I definitely don’t want to look like one of those “blue haired little old ladies” who has accidentally used too much hair rinse. If we wanted that look, we’d do it with a lot more intention. So what’s the best way to look like an arctic fox instead? The best purple shampoo for silver hair can be the ticket to your most beautiful mane.

Make no mistake, the best purple shampoo can do a whole lot to spice up blonde hair as well. These shampoos can keep your sunkissed highlights shimmering and true to color. Whether they’re natural, the result of a balayage, or the tips of your Ombre, you want to make sure they look gorgeous.

Purple shampoos rely on violet based tints to brighten and lighten your lighter strands, and help to counteract those nasty yellow undertones that can come as a result of bleaching and coloring. Silver and grey hair, which doesn’t contain the natural pigment it once did, can also yellow due to chemicals from your swimming pool, or even your hard water at home.

It’s exciting to see the plethora of purple products on the market to brighten the looks of we lighter haired people. With regular use, many of the shampoos reviewed here can even lighten your hair further, and they’re definitely worth experimenting with, to find the one that works best for you. It’s also good to know there are a few tricks to enhance the effects of your investment in both time and shampoo.

Technique plays a huge role, in terms of getting your most desired results. Do keep in mind, almost all purple shampoos have the potential to turn your hair slightly lavender if you leave them in without rinsing for an extended period of time. (I’ve done it more than once.) But if that’s the look you’re going for, it’s easy peasy to get a more purple or ash blonde color. Here’s everything you need to know about using it.

There’s no need to worry about wasting what’s already in your shower, because you most likely won’t want to use purple shampoo for every single hair wash. You’re safe to keep loving your favorite hair products for most of the week, and just use purple shampoo every few days or so. Whether you’re arctic blonde like me, or another shade of gray, if you’re ready to lather your way to compliment-worthy hair, these shampoos are definitely the easiest way to get it. Here are my recommendations for the best purple shampoo for silver hair and gray hair right now.

1. Klorane Shampoo With Centaury for White & Gray Hair

shampoo for gray hair


I’m always excited to try plant based products on my face, body and hair, so this shampoo from Klorane is a perfect pick. This shampoo with centaury, an herb used since ancient times as a tonic for health, is specially formulated to enhances the natural radiance of your white, silver or gray hair. The centaury extract adds subtle silver highlights to hair, while reducing any yellowing or brassy effects.

This gentle cleansing formula respects the integrity of your hair fibers, leaving your tresses soft, supple and full of volume and radiance. It has a subtle, sweetly herbal scent, and because it doesn’t contain any dyes, you don’t have to worry about the “blue haired old lady” look. Always a bonus. Because this shampoo is super gentle, you can use it without worrying about leaving your hair dry and straw-like.

It also really enhances your silver highlights, without relying on artificial color to do so. This naturally based shampoo is free of synthetic colors, parabens and silicone. After shampooing, consider trying Klorane Conditioner with Chamomile to repair hair and intensify highlights.

Discover more of Klorane’s highly rated, botanically based hair care products here.

Price: $15

Buy the Klorane Shampoo with Centaury for White & Gray Hair here.


  • Rated 4.3 out of five stars by users
  • Doesn’t strip and dry out hair
  • Helps to tame brassiness
  • Enhances silver highlights naturally


  • Pretty expensive
  • Doesn’t really lather up
  • Scent is too strong for some
  • Doesn’t brighten hair as well as some

Find more Klorane Shampoo with Centaury for White & Gray Hair information and reviews here.

2. L’ANZA Healing Colorcare Silver Brightening Shampoo

silver shampoo

(L’ANZA Healing Hair Care)

We’re all looking to bring out the sparkle and shine in our silver, gray, white, blonde or highlighted hair. L’ANZA’s Silver Brightening Shampoo helps to reduces unwanted warm tones and yellowing. The natural viola and lavender toning agents efficiently eliminate that undesirable brassiness.

This sulfate-free shampoo is extra gentle on the hair, but don’t fret about bubbles. This formula contains natural Gugo Bark for that rich, creamy, luxurious lather we love. (I don’t ever feel like my hair is truly clean without that.) Keratin protein replenishment in this shampoo actually helps heal, seal and protect your hair, for a beautiful, healthy shine.

For naturally silver or highlighted hair, L’ANZA Healing Colorcare Color-Preserving Conditioner is light enough for daily use and enhances the staying power of your highlights. Since gray hair is so much more susceptible to looking dry and frizzy, L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment substantially increases shine, protects against hot tool damage and it has UV protection too, an awesome added benefit.

Price: $28

Buy the L’ANZA Healing Colorcare Silver Brightening Shampoo here.


  • Rated 4.5 out of five stars by users
  • Leaves your hair soft to the touch
  • Reduces warm tones and eliminates brassiness
  • Enhances silver highlights


  • Super spendy
  • Can turn your hair slightly lavender if left on too long
  • Some packaging issues reported

Find more L’ANZA Healing Colorcare Silver Brightening Shampoo information and reviews here.

3. Rene Furterer Okara Mild Silver Shampoo

rene furterer mild purple shampoo

(Rene Furterer)

Rene Furterer created a winning formula in the OKARA mild silver shampoo. It cleanses and protects gray, white, silver and platinum blond hair by neutralizing brassy tones with corrective violet pigments. Your hair will be supple, soft and shimmer brightly after using this shampoo. A couple of key ingredients make this shampoo more intriguing. The formula contains Hamamelis extract, a plant which native Americans considered to be magical.

Because it’s rich in tannins, this plant is a natural pigment fixing agent that preserves and enhances the intensity and radiance of your hair color. It also has Okara extract, derived from soybean pulp, which has a structure similar to hair’s keratin. Rich in amino acids, it helps to restructure and repair your hair from deep within.

For an intense moisturizing treatment, the Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask is formulated with quince pectin and shea butter to help smooth and repair. Because daily use of purple shampoos can tint your hair, mix up your shampoo routine with Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Shampoo.

Price: $30

Buy the Rene Furterer Okara Mild Silver Shampoo here.


  • Rated 4.3 out of five stars by users
  • Deep purple pigment effectively removes brassiness
  • Smells heavenly
  • Increases shine


  • Hard on the wallet
  • Very small bottle for the money
  • A few packaging issues reported

Find more Rene Furterer Okara Mild Silver Shampoo information and reviews here.

4. Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo

matrix shampoo for gray hair


I’ve been a fan of Matrix hair products since back in the days when I was a true brunette. Once my hair turned white, I tried lots of other shampoos, but I don’t know why it took me so long to discover Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo. It delivers something I love, and you will too – a rich, creamy, violet lather that neutralizes brassy warmth and corrects those yucky yellow tones on blonde and gray hair.

It also conditions as it gently cleanses, leaving your hair with lots of shine, body and manageability. Plus it’s got a deliciously refreshing scent, so it’s great for silver fixes of any gender. It works as well on salt and pepper hair, delivering shiny highlights and amping up brightness.

If you’re not naturally silver, gray or white, but you’ve spend the dollars to lighten your hair and just want to eliminate brassiness, Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo is a great solution to fend it off. You can soften lightened hair, fight brassiness and protect from hot tool damage with Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blonde Threesome.

Browse here for more of the popular shampoos, conditioners and other specialty hair care products from Matrix.

Price: $16.55

Buy the Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo here.


  • Rated 4.3 out of five stars by users
  • More affordable than many
  • Brightens and lightens white, silver and grey hair
  • Improves shine


  • Tends to be a bit more drying than some
  • Can leave hair tangled
  • Not as purple pigmented as some
  • Some packing issues reported

Find more Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo information and reviews here.

5. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

joico purple shampoo


This vibrant purple shampoo features a unique color-correcting formula that maximizes the look of cool platinum blondes and silver foxes, by keeping nasty brassy tones at bay, This shampoo and conditioner duo will safeguard your hair’s vibrancy, with powerful ingredients that help to shield against damage, and strengthen your tresses natural defenses. This shampoo and conditioner set delivers a one-two-punch to brassiness and sets you on the path to more gorgeous silver hair.

First, a Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex protects color, natural or otherwise from fading, yellowing and losing vibrancy. Then, an exclusive Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex repairs, protects, fights frizz, and adds shine every time you wash. To keep your hair looking great and reduce drying time (because heat damage causes yellowing) Joico Heat Set Blow Dry Perfecting Creme also detangles and defrizzes.

Because gray and silver hair tends to be dryer and more brittle, occasional deep moisturizing is highly recommended. Joico Moisture Recovery Balm, used once a week, can make a huge difference in keeping your hair looking soft, shiny and its silvery best.

Price: $42.50

Buy the Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Duo here.


  • Rated 4.4 out of five stars by users
  • Banishes brassiness from silver and blonde hair
  • Leaves hair soft and manageable
  • Smells great


  • More expensive than some
  • Not effective for every user
  • Some packaging errors reported

Find more Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Duo information and reviews here.

6. Best Buy: Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

cheap purple shampoo


As mentioned before, as we age, lots of physical changes take place, and your hair is often one of the first places you’ll notice that occurring. If you’re stressed about tresses that are speckled with gray streaks, make sure they shine and shimmer instead of looking dull and lifeless.

Fanola has you covered with their super popular No Yellow Shampoo. It’s made with a vivid violet pigment that makes your silvery streaks look like an intentional addition to your color. No Yellow Shampoo keeps your color consistent and vibrant. It’s one of our picks for best purple shampoo for brunettes, as well as gray, super lightened, or silver hair, and is especially effective for decolored hair, as the violet pigment effectively tones down unwanted yellow hues.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo here.


  • Rated 4.3 out of five stars by users
  • Effectively gets rid of brassy, yellow undertones
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny
  • Very effective on color treated hair


  • Super spendy
  • Can tint your hair violet if left on too long
  • Intense violet pigment can stain your nails
  • Can be somewhat drying

Find more Fanola No Yellow Shampoo information and reviews here.

7. Amazon’s Choice: Naissant Purple Shampoo Perla Beige

naissant best purple shampoo


Interestingly, this shampoo is created specifically for dyed blonde hair, but the issue of brassy undertones is a struggle for those of us who are silver foxes too. Since purple shampoo got its roots from the legions of people who wanted to brighten their gray, or salt and pepper hair, it’s no surprise that the movement expanded to blondes, who now rule the purple shampoo realm.

The great news is that we silvers can equally benefit from most shampoos created for blondes, especially if those shampoos are blue or purple. It’s for this reason we’ve chose this Naissant shampoo as an option for the best purple shampoo for silver hair. The Naissant purple shampoo uses provitamin B5 (D pantenol), olive oil, honey vitamin E and hydrolyzed wheat protein to condition your hair, while the usual suspect, purple pigments work to correct brassiness and deliver shimmery highlights.

This best purple shampoo is intense, so be sure to read the instructions to decide how long to leave it in your hair prior to rinsing. Also, you can dramatically increase its effectiveness if you massage it into your dry hair and let it sit for five or ten minutes, versus lathering it into to wet hair. While this shampoo can be a bit drying, Naissant’s Correcting Mask makes quick work of rehydration. If you’re a bottle blonde, or if your hair is naturally dry as most silver hair is, the Naissant Argan Oil Elixir make short work of the frizzies and makes tangle free brushing a dream come true.

Price: $18.99

Buy the Naissant Purple Shampoo Perla Beige here.


  • Rated 4.2 out of five stars by users
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Effective on toning down brassiness
  • Smells delicious


  • Costs a pretty penny
  • Can be somewhat drying to your hair
  • Can leave hair with a lavender tint if left on too long
  • Small amount for the price

Find more Naissant Purple Shampoo Perla Beige information and reviews here.

8. Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo + Conditioner Duo

shimmer lights purple shampoo


This shampoo was my first foray into trying purple shampoos on my fanny length white hair, and I was pleased and surprised by how much brighter it looked when I used it regularly. Because it was so affordable, I didn’t stray for quite awhile, because lots of my girlfriends and others at the beauty store said it was really the best. Frankly, when I first started using it, there simply weren’t a lot of other choices, and while it seemed spendy compared to regular old shampoo, it was still affordable.

This protein-enriched color-enhancing shampoo does, indeed, effectively tone down brassiness on blonde and silver or gray hair. The bonus here is that it comes packaged with Shimmer Lights Conditioner, which has a nice blend of emollients, moisturizers and color refreshers that renews faded highlights and brightens gray hair. To give my white an extra spritz of shimmer and shine, I also like to use Jhirmack Silver Brightening 5-in-1 Leave In Spray Treatment.

If you’re looking to lighten your hair simply with the sun, Sun In Hair Lightener can give you a bright look, but definitely follow up with purple shampoo to keep the coppery tones at bay.

Price: $21.99

Buy the Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo + Conditioner Duo here.


  • Rated four out of five stars by users
  • Cools down brassy tones
  • Very affordable compared to many
  • Leaves hair soft


  • Can be somewhat drying
  • Conditioner isn’t very conditioning
  • Can leave your hair lavender if left in too long
  • Scent is unpleasant to some

Find more Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo + Conditioner Duo information and reviews here.

9. Winsome & Wisdom #BlondeMoment Purple Shampoo

blonde moment purple shampoo

(Winsome & Wisdom)

Granted, it was the clever name that sucked me into this shampoo. Who doesn’t love a beauty company savvy enough to use a hashtag for their product name, right? But don’t let clever fool you, because keeping your blonde, silver or gray hair looking its best is not always easy. #BlondeMoment Shampoo is a unique purple shampoo for blonde and gray hair that is formulated with natural balancing extract, and Mica that enables cleansing.

This thick purple shampoo deposits color and helps stop fading on processed hair. It neutralizes and tones yellows and brassiness, while it brightens blonde and gray hair. As an added bonus it also contains UV protectant to keep the sun from damaging your hair, and fading your color if you its dyed. I like the fact that this formula is cruelty-free. That’s always nice to know. Because this shampoo can be a bit drying, the #BlondeMoment Purple Conditioner is the perfect follow up to keep your hair soft and give it that extra purple brightening punch.

Price: $16.94

Buy the Winsome & Wisdom #BlondeMoment Purple Shampoo here.


  • Rated 4.4 out of five stars by users
  • Lightens and brightens
  • Nicely battles brassy tones
  • Great for giving a silvery tint


  • Fairly expensive
  • Tends to dry out hair
  • Small bottle for the price

Find more Winsome & Wisdom #BlondeMoment Purple Shampoo information and reviews here.

10. Top Rated: Tec Italy Lumina Purple Shampoo

top rated purple shampoo


Color Care Lumina Shampoo is a violet based toning shampoo that revives bleached, blonde, highlighted, or gray hair that has acquired unwanted green, copper, or other undesirable undertones. Lumina shampoo can help to keep your highlights the color they started, and it helps to neutralize unwanted yellow tones in naturally white hair. It provides moisture and nourishment to help strengthen hair.

This purple shampoo is formulated with TRICONE, a complex of natural and organic protein re-constructors comprised of keratin, silk, and wheat. It also contains TRICOERBA, a botanical complex that revitalizes and conditions your hair, providing body, silkiness and shine.

Lumina Shampoo is infused with antioxidants to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun’s damaging UV rays. When you pair it with Lumina Purple Conditioner, you’re going to get silky hair that is bright, shiny and beautifully highlighted. To keep your coif perfectly in place, Tec Italy Gel Della Cera Humedo makes styling simple and easily washes out.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Tec Italy Lumina Purple Shampoo here.


  • Rated 4.6 out of five stars by users
  • Reduces yellow tones for cool gray, blonde and silver hair
  • Lightens and brightens hair
  • Extra thick formula


  • On the spendy side
  • May leave hair dry
  • Can leave a lavender tint if left in too long

Find more Tec Italy Lumina Purple Shampoo information and reviews here.

11. PRAVANA THE PERFECT BLONDE Purple Toning Sulfate-Free Shampoo

pravana sulphate free purple shampoo


Whether you’ve got blonde or silver hair, this sulphate free purple shampoo takes you from dull to dynamite in a single wash. With a dual ultra-violet dye system, and built-in optical brighteners, The Perfect Blonde shampoo gently cleanses, purifies and neutralizes unwanted yellow tones so you’ll have a brighter, whiter locks. T

This purple shampoo tones hair, but it also adds strength, shine and elasticity because it has added keratin, wheat and silk amino acids. That means fewer split ends, and silky hair with less flyaways.

Price: $17.82

Buy the PRAVANA THE PERFECT BLONDE Purple Toning Sulfate-Free Shampoo here.


  • Good for both blonde and silver hair
  • Helps improve strength and elasticity
  • Makes hair brighter and lighter
  • Sulphate free


  • Pretty spendy for a small bottle
  • Fragrance is too strong for some
  • Doesn’t lather well
  • You need to use a lot of product

Find more PRAVANA THE PERFECT BLONDE Purple Toning Sulfate-Free Shampoo information and reviews here.

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