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When it comes to premium men’s skincare, one company sets the standard – Jack Black. Loved by men, (and frequently borrowed by the women in their lives,) their superior products promise and deliver luscious lips, younger-looking skin, seriously shiny hair, and a refreshingly scented body. Even better, they’re always dermatologist tested, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and most are vegan and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

This year, they’ve introduced some seriously great Jack Black gift sets that are worthy options for all the men on your Christmas list. These sets are filled with all the most popular products from Jack Black, as well as some limited edition offerings that you’ll only find for the holiday season.

This year’s holiday gift sets are in recycled and recyclable packaging that looks so luxe, you won’t really need to wrap them unless you want to.

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Jack Black – The Black Reserve Collection

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Jack BlackThe Black Reserve Collection Gift Set

Every guy loves a great scent that’s both sophisticated and incredibly masculine. Cedarwood and cardamom give The Black Reserve Collection its distinctive aroma. Let’s just say, from a woman’s perspective, the smell is amazing and gives you all the reasons to snuggle up and inhale your man. Keep in mind that Black Reserve is only around for the holidays so you may want to stock up for the rest of the year right now.

This four-piece set includes Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser – a sulfate-free scented wash that will make him want to linger longer in the shower. Black Reserve Body Lotion is an olive oil and shea butter blend that will leave his skin totally touchable and will let that scent stay with him even after he’s stepped out of the shower.

For the guy who loves his facial fur, this set also includes Black Reserve Beard Oil with a blend of certified organic and natural oils, potent antioxidants, and vitamins to condition his skin (goodbye itch!) as well as his beard, leaving it lustrous and soft.

And just in case he, or you, can’t get enough of this delicious scent, the set also includes a Black Reserve Body Spray to spritz on whenever he wants a scent pick-me-up, which is hopefully every day. This awesome set has a retail value of $58, but you can get this set while it lasts for just $35.

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Jack Black – The Triple Play

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Jack BlackThe Triple Play Gift Set

If you’re looking for a men’s skincare game-changer, The Triple Play is going to be your guy’s MVP. This great holiday gift set includes a full-size bottle of Double Duty Face Moisturizer that’s regularly $48! That means for a single buck more, you get two more products.

Face Buff Energizing Scrub is a pre-shave cleanser that cleans and exfoliates. As if smoother and more luminous skin wasn’t enough, this scrub will ensure his shaves are close without irritation.

A travel-friendly size of All Over Wash for Face, Hair & Body is a three-in-one sulfate-free cleanser that lets him leave many of his regular products at home when he has to hit the road. The super-rich lather tackles tough sweat, dirt, and grease without stripping his skin and hair.

We love this set not just for the products, but for the super cool reusable and recyclable tin they arrive in. It features metal latches on each side, so this collectible tin will likely be the place your guy keeps all his favorite Jack Black skincare products, and later perhaps his watch, keys, and change. This set is guaranteed to make him a Jack Black convert when he sees (and you reinforce) just how great his beautiful face looks! It’s just $49 but has a value of $76.

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Jack Black – The Daily Shave

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Jack BlackThe Daily Shave Gift Set

Filled with the essentials every man wants and needs for perfectly smooth skin, despite his daily shave, The Daily Shave gift set includes a troika of face-loving products all boxed up for holiday gift-giving.

Beard Lube Conditioning Shave Gel acts as a pre-shave oil, shave cream (ladies love this for their legs!), and post-shave conditioner. Because it softens the hair, there are fewer nicks and cuts, less razor irritation, and only smooth, smooth skin. Formulated with skin smoothing jojoba and refreshing eucalyptus. In this article for DermCollective, Chris Barry talks about the many benefits of eucalyptus oil for skin, most especially as an effective way to reduce the symptoms of acne and eczema.

Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser is a 2-in1 facewash that tackles deep-down dirt and oil without drying his skin. It acts as a toner as well, leaving his face super smooth and resistant to irritation. Aloe vera works in combination with antioxidant sage leaf to create a gentle and effective cleansing experience that’s also got some anti-aging benefits. Gotta love that!

Jack Black Post Shave is a cooling gel infused with aloe, safe leaf, and lavender that soothes razor burn and irritation, toning his skin without the need for alcohol-based aftershave.

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Jack Black – The Balm Squad

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Jack BlackThe Balm Squad Gift Set

We’ve raved about it before, and we’re going to again. Since winter is well on its way, the season of dry chapped lips isn’t far behind. When you’re shopping for the guy who doesn’t want to look like he just ate a greasy pork chop but still wants healing hydration for his kisser, The Balm Squad is an ideal gift set that makes the perfect stocking stuffer. All packaged up in an adorable tiny tin, this set is always on men’s most wanted list.

This set includes three full-size lip balms filled with full-spectrum UV protection, plus antioxidants, nourishing shea butter, and olive oil, as well as green tea and vitamin E. With old favorites like natural mint and shea butter, mango and mandarin, and lavender, Don’t worry, the balms contain essences rather than flavors (in my opinion), and take it from someone who’s seriously picky, these balms stay on your lips for hours but they never feel sticky or waxy.

Those folks at Jack Black are always coming up with something new and innovative, and you’ll get it in this set – the kind of real lip therapy every guy on your list has long been waiting for. Night Mode Lip Treatment skips the UV protection (since he’s not likely sleeping in full sun) and adds hyaluronic acid and tripeptide-1 to improve both hydration and the appearance of his lips making them even more luscious and kissable in the morning. We have to say, after trying this for a single week, we wake up and feel like our lips look full and soft without a hint of dryness!

This fun set is just $25, but you get a $32 value. (Hint: it’s also great to split up for stocking stuffer equality, but then who would be the lucky one to get that groovy little tin?)

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Jack Black – The Best of Jack

Jack Black gift set

Jack BlackThe Best of Jack Gift Set

Whether your man wants to wake up with a jolt before facing the day, or he’s looking to wind down and settle into a relaxing evening state of mind, Jack Black’s The Best of Jack gift set can help set the stage.

This set includes the incredibly popular Turbo Wash for his face and body is that power-packed and adds a revitalizing shot of energy first thing in the day. It’s infused with rosemary, eucalyptus, and juniper berry, and don’t miss the fact that the aromatherapy benefits are as awakening as the wicked lather and squeaky clean feeling he’ll get afterward. It washes away sweat, oil, and dirt without drying your skin.

The Cool Moisture Body Lotion is formulated with soy protein, skin-loving vitamin E, and hydrating jojoba, which attracts water to the skin helping keep it hydrated and soft. As an added bonus, it also fights wrinkles.

To top off his cleansing and moisturizing routine, this set also contains Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm with natural mint and shea butter. SPF 25 keeps his kisser protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays and as mentioned before, it never feels waxy or looks greasy.

Right now this set is just $20 with a value of $30 so it easily fits as an affordable Secret Santa gift for the guy in your office or as a nice add-on for your sweetie.

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Also Worth Mentioning

There are a few new Jack Black products that you should keep your eye out for, even though they’re not available on Amazon.

Jack Black Big Sir Body & Hair Cleanser is a head-to-toe wash scented with bergamot, marine, and woody amber notes. Created as a quick Pacific coast escape for the shower, aloe vera, panthenol, and glycerin team up in this cleanser to deliver clean skin that’s hydrated, with a scent that lightly lingers throughout the day. The huge 33-ounce pump bottle ensures his little daily vacation lasts and lasts.

Turbo Body Lotion Energizing Gel Moisturizer is the antithesis of old-school goopy and greasy lotions. This high-performance remedy for dry skin starts out as a gel, rubs in like a lotion, and dries quickly without feeling sticky. The light refreshing scent of eucalyptus adds an instant aromatherapy energy boost and makes it ideal for men and women who don’t like their lotions too perfumy.

Jack Black Charcoal Body Buff is a cleanser and body wash that targets dirt, oil, and other toxins. Charcoal actively attracts those and more, helping draw them out without stealing essential vitamins and skin-friendly nutrients. Natural volcanic stone gently scrubs away dead skin cells while a blend of sea algae, aloe, baobab, and shea combine to help nourish and soften skin.

An absolute favorite from last year that we can’t help but mention this year too, The Closer Set includes a fabulous five-blade razor that my spouse has proclaimed as “the best razor I’ve ever used.” He’s not even kidding. His cheeks and even his chin are supremely kissable, smooth, and soft! The set includes the razor plus two blade cartridges, Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather, and Double Duty Moisturizer.

Right now, the gift set is available at GetJackBlack.com but do be aware, there’s often a waiting list due to its popularity. That’s just how good it is. By the way, ladies, this is the most nick-free razor for legs ever.

Admittedly, when this year’s box of Jack Black samples arrived at our house, there was a bit of a friendly tussle as to just which one of us would get to try what – and with good reason. While I managed to snag a few samples for my own use, my husband would unequivocally tell you to grab these great sets right now while they’re still available on Amazon, because he’s been sudsing up, shampooing, shaving, and slathering with abandon since they got here!

When it comes to skincare, Jack Black was one of the first companies to recognize that guys, now more than ever, want and deserve to have high-quality products to keep their skin looking and feeling young and healthy. After 20 years at it, they’ve clearly mastered the game. Their small, yet entrepreneurial team regularly focuses on philanthropic endeavors as a part of their corporate mission, in addition to developing outstanding skin and body care.

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