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15 Best Silicone Breast Forms: Your Buyer’s Guide

silicone breast forms


The scary truth is that nearly one in eight women will face invasive breast cancer in the course of their lifetime, and likely, the resulting single or bilateral mastectomy to remove it. While breast reconstruction surgery has come a long way, nearly 40 percent of those women will opt out of the procedure and opt instead for silicone breast forms.

They don’t want to face the cost or the longer-term rehab, and many older women, simply don’t think it’s a priority. Breast forms boost self-esteem, aid in body alignment, and reduce back and neck strain, and they fit discretely into a pocket bra for a natural look.

Our top pick is the Amoena Women’s 347 Energy 2U Breast Form because it’s flexible and allows you to rotate it for where you want missing tissue to be replaced. When it comes to natural looks, the Classique Teardrop breast form has the most natural-looking nipple of all.

For all the survivors of breast cancer, we’re inspired by your courage and hope these breast forms will play a part in helping you get back to feeling and looking like yourself. These are the best silicone breast forms.

What Are the Best Silicone Breast Forms

amoena flexible fit breast form Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Our top pick
  • Most flexible fit
  • Excellent for exercise
Price: $289.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
breast forms, silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis, prosthetic breast, silicone breast, realistic breast forms, mastectomy prosthesis, classique Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Skin like polyurethane covering
  • Looks most like a real breast
  • Teardrop shape works on both sides
Price: $138.35 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
breast forms, silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis, prosthetic breast, silicone breast, realistic breast forms, mastectomy prosthesis, amoena Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Gentle on tender tissues
  • Best for water sports
  • Ventilated and comfortable
Price: $113.48 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
breast forms, silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis, prosthetic breast, silicone breast, realistic breast forms, mastectomy prosthesis, anita care Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 25 percent lighter than most
  • Good for physically active women
  • Works on either side
Price: $170.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
breast forms, silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis, prosthetic breast, silicone breast, realistic breast forms, mastectomy prosthesis, amoena Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good for those who suffer from lymphodema
  • Excellent for sports
  • Soft touch
Price: $231.12 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
breast forms, silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis, prosthetic breast, silicone breast, realistic breast forms, mastectomy prosthesis, anita care Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Natural color
  • Works on both left or right breasts
  • Feels real
Price: $124.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
breast forms, breast form, silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis, prosthetic breast, silicone breast, realistic breast forms, mastectomy prosthesis, amoena Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Naturally moves with your body
  • Temperature equalizing
  • Very soft feel
Price: $227.20 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
silicone breast form Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Natural shape
  • Symmetrical to fit either side
  • Stabilizes post surgery posture
Price: $180.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
breast forms, silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis, prosthetic breast, silicone breast, realistic breast forms, mastectomy prosthesis, envy body shop Amazon Customer Reviews
  • L shape replaces tissue loss
  • Extra long side extensions
  • They look good in tighter clothes
Price: $50.49 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Silicone breast forms for large women Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Among the most affordable
  • Come in cup sizes up to KK
  • Made with medical grade silicone
Price: $179.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
lightweight silicone breast forms Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Natural feel
  • Breathable
Price: $24.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
brown silicone breast forms Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Feel natural
  • Teardrop shape
Price: $38.69 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black silicone breast forms Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Made for black women
  • Feel natural
  • Very affordable
Price: $79.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
breast forms, silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis, prosthetic breast, silicone breast, realistic breast forms, mastectomy prosthesis, maxtara Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Tear drop shape
  • Natural feeling
  • Comfortable to wear
Price: $13.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
L shape silicone breast form Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Feel natural
  • Extra long on the sides
  • Breast side specific
Price: $40.49 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Our Top Pick: Amoena Women’s 347 Energy 2U Breast Form

    • The most flexible fit of all
    • Design increases airflow and minimizes perspiration
    • Allows for wear even with more minimal coverage bras
    • Very expensive
    • Doesn't come in a pair
    • Not as natural a nipple as some

    This Amoena silicone breast form gets our nod as the top pick based upon its flexibility option. The 2U shape can be rotated with the side extension at the top for a more average fit, or with the extension in the center of the chest for more cleavage.

    The three-dimensional surface on the back allows for maximum airflow to minimize perspiration and increase evaporation, which especially important as you get back into exercise. 

    Another feature we appreciate about this breast form is that it allows for comfortable wear, even with bras that offer less coverage. That’s important as you’re transitioning into new lingerie and want things that make you look and feel naturally pretty.

  2. 2. Best Under Lingerie: Classique Teardrop Post Mastectomy Silicone Breast Form

    • The most natural looking
    • Nipple design looks best in lingerie
    • Concave back works comfortably for many types of surgeries
    • Pretty spendy
    • Not customized for left or right breast
    • Only one color option

    Many women may be looking for a more realistic style breast form, and this teardrop shape prosthesis, with a natural-looking nipple, could be the solution you’re looking for. The Classique 2005 Teardrop symmetrical breast form can be worn on either your right or left side.

    It is made of medical silicone covered with a velvety soft, skin-like, polyurethane film. The concave back accommodates many types of surgeries with a comfortable fit over tender surgical areas. A separate molded fabric cover is included.

    Classique also offers a sculptured triangle breast form with a similar natural look. If you’re simply too tender to consider wearing a bra following your surgery, Classique also makes a fashion camisole to accommodate your breast forms.

    Classique also makes a full line of beautiful, functional post-mastectomy bras. Find them here.

  3. 3. Best Swim & Sports Breast Form: Amoena Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form

    • Unique design mimics breasts in the water
    • Raised waves allow air and water to flow through
    • Lots of size options
    • More expensive than many
    • Very lightweight
    • They feel a little dicey with heavy activity

    This Amoena Aqua Wave transparent silicone breast form is designed specifically for women getting back into water activities and swim therapy. The symmetrical form features raised waves on the front and back that allow air and water to flow through, reducing the amount of suction.

    The unique, three-dimensional pearl surface on the back increases ventilation and moisture evaporation. A clear silicone back layer hugs the body and is extra gentle on tender scar areas.

    Amoena is well-known for its high-quality bras, swimwear, and breast forms designed specifically for breast cancer patients.

  4. 4. Most Comfortable Breast Form: Anita Care TriNature Asymmetric Softlite Breast Form

    • Ultra lightweight silicone makes the 25 percent lighter than most
    • Designed specifically for active women
    • Makes uneven tissues look smooth
    • Expensive for a single form
    • Doesn't feel as natural as some
    • Better for sports than everyday wear

    These Anita Care ultra-light silicone breast forms give wearers a secure and natural feeling, with weight and touch very close to the biological breast. These breast forms offer a more natural look and movement, thanks to the Anita Flex Gap® technology.

    This combination of a natural design and extreme comfort means you’ll feel good wearing them. Uneven tissue from surgery is subtly concealed, and any lack of volume is gently compensated for. These breast forms can be used to replace either the left or right breast, and they’re 25 percent lighter and softer than many others due to their very soft silicone.

    This makes them an excellent choice for those with lymphoedema or a tendency to have symptoms of that condition. With more than a dozen sizes available, it should be easy to find your perfect fit.

    Anita also offers a great selection of functional and fashionable post mastectomy bras.

  5. 5. Amoena Women’s Essential Light 3E Breast Form

    • Assymetrical shape builds volume in a natural way
    • Soft film covered silicone
    • Three color choices for a natural look
    • Specific to right and left for enhanced fit
    • Among the most expensive
    • Available in single side only
    • May be too lightweight for some

    Amoena’s Essential Light 3E breast form is designed to meet the fundamental everyday needs of women following breast surgery. It is designed to be worn inside a pocketed bra, and gives women a natural silhouette, without needing additional surgeries or reconstruction.

    This asymmetrically shaped form is soft and lightweight, making it ideal for women who suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis, or lymphoedema. This particular breast form is designed for fuller figures and women whose surgeries have removed less tissue in the underarm area.

    This breast form is also appropriate for leisure and sportswear. If you’re back into sports activities, be sure to find a pocketed sports bra that will fit your new prosthesis. Then splurge on some new leggings or yoga pants to match.

  6. 6. Anita Care TriVaria Full Silicone Breast Form

    • Looks nice under lingerie
    • Realistic touch and feel
    • Symmetrical shape allows for use on either side
    • Expensive compared to many
    • Not customized for specific breast side
    • Fewer size options than some

    The Anita Care TriVaria breast form is a full standard weight silicone breast form. The symmetrical shape allows for use on both sides, making it simple to order two and not worry about whether you got the correct sides.

    These affordable prostheses are also for sale at nearly half off their retail price, which means they’re a really good deal right now. Their natural skin color looks real, even under sheer bras or lingerie. Because they’re made with silicone, they look, feel and move like natural breasts, which adds a big boost to your self-confidence.

    Anita Care Active Ocean Silicone Breast Prosthesis is great for swimming and any other outdoor sports you love. Anita also offers a great selection of swimsuits and coverups.

  7. 7. Best High Quality Breast Form: Amoena Natura Light 2S Breast Form

    • Temperature equalizing material keeps sweat behind forms at bay
    • Soft against the skin with cashmere like feel
    • Moves naturally, and flattens when laying down like a real breast
    • Flowable gel back layer is comfortable against extra sensitive tissues
    • Very expensive
    • Runs small
    • Size chart can be a bit difficult to figure out your correct fit

    The Amoena Natura Light silicone breast form is ultra-soft feeling, and in a bra, it looks like a natural breast and feels comfortable against your skin. This breast form moves naturally with the body and flattens when a woman is lying down. It weighs up to a third less than traditional breast forms of the same shape, offering extra comfort.

    These prostheses help to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders and are particularly beneficial for women with a large bust, or those who have been diagnosed with lymphoedema following their breast surgery. This breast form is ideal to wear every day, but it’s also great for sports and swimming.

    The Amoena Light line looks and feels natural, with a soft silicone front layer and a new super-soft outer film that feels like cashmere. The pearlescent temperature-equalizing layer absorbs excess body heat which reduces perspiration behind the form. It comes in three colors – ivory, tawny, and nude, as well as a wide range of sizes.

    Extra comfort comes from a gel back layer that flows gently and softly over even the most sensitive scar tissue. Amoena’s beautiful and comfortable pocketed bras are a favorite among post-mastectomy patients.

  8. 8. Nearly Me Lightweight Triangle Silicone Breast Form

    • Naturally shaped to mimic a more mature woman's breast
    • Comes in singles instead of sets
    • High quality construction
    • Symmetrical shape allows the form to be used on either side
    • Spendy for a single breast form
    • Not enough color options
    • Shallow profile feels odd

    For breast cancer patients, many have a single versus double mastectomy. If you’re looking for just a single high-quality breast prosthesis, the Nearly Me silicone breast form is a good option. The triangular shape fits well inside a pocket bra, and the denser weight is a good replacement for natural tissue, helping aid with balance and posture. 

    This breast form comes in a wide range of sizes, from 1 to 12, but if you’re confused by this sizing versus standard cup sizes or weights, check out this sizing chart for more information. This breast form features a concave back, and a natural-looking monotone nipple. It’s shaped to best mimic a more mature woman’s natural breast.

    This form is symmetrical so it can be used to replace either a right or left side breast. It comes with a cotton comfort cover, however you’re limited to only one color – a neutral beige.


  9. 10. Vollence Silicone Breast Forms

    • Wide range of larger cup sizes available
    • Downright cheap
    • Natural look and movement
    • Not suitable for every mastectomy patient
    • Not likely as long lasting as other brands
    • Needs specialty adhesives

    These silicone breast forms from Vollence come in some of the largest cup sizes we’ve found. They come in sizes up to KK, plus two additional options – huge and super-huge. These breast forms are made with 100 percent high-grade medical silicone, and for the price do a good job of looking and feeling like natural breasts. 

    The movement and weight of these forms give them a natural bounce, jiggle and look. While they run slightly larger than expected, depending on the look you’re going for, they’re affordable enough to experiment with, but may not be suitable for all mastectomy patients. For cosplay or cross-dressers, they come discretely package for your privacy.

  10. 11. no!no! Silicone Breast Forms

    • Affordably priced for a set of two
    • Unique shape that allows for ventilation and comfort
    • Lightweight silicone looks and feels natural
    • Wide range of cup sizes
    • They run a bit small
    • Heavier than expected for lightweight billing
    • Some shipping issues reported

    These reasonably priced medical grade silicone breast forms are super soft, and comfortable to wear. They feel natural to the touch and have lifelike color very close to natural skin. They also have movement similar to natural breasts, so they look and feel good under your clothes or in your bra.

    They are simple to keep clean for daily wear as well. Just wash them in mild soap and gently dry with a towel. These triangle shaped breast forms are lightweight and easy to wear. They come in sets, and a wide range of cup sizes, that also give you a sense of their weight.

    Because of their concave back, triangular shape and ventilated design, they allow for airflow and tissue healing, making them more comfortable than some. 

  11. 12. Mayuber Silicone Breast Forms

    • Made from high quality medical silicone
    • Feel and move naturally
    • Two color options
    • Wide range of sizes
    • Feel somewhat heavy to wear
    • Feel more fake than some
    • Tend to run small

    There aren’t many silicone breast forms that offer more than one color option, which makes it a struggle for ethnic women to find a suitable prosthesis. These teardrop-shaped forms come in both brown and nude, and in size options from Small to 3X-Large, which means they offer some of the widest size ranges to choose from. And, you’ll appreciate their affordable price per pair.

    Made of medical grade silicone, these breast forms have a natural feel and bounce, as well as a realistic-looking nipple. They can be hand washed gently and towel dried. Do note, these are sold by gram weight, however, the sizing chart is easy to understand when you’re choosing.

  12. 13. Vollence Black Silicone Breast Forms

    • High grade medical silicone
    • Look and feel quite natural
    • One of a few breast forms for black women
    • Lots of size options
    • Quite heavy
    • Too dark for some skin tones
    • Nipples aren't very realistic

    If you’re a black woman who has been searching in vain for some affordable post-mastectomy prosthetics, these Vollence silicone breast forms are a terrific and very affordable option. Made with high-grade hypoallergenic silicone, with movement and weight to give you a natural look under clothes. The teardrop shape fits nicely inside a supportive bra, and the nipples also have a pretty authentic look. They come in cup sizes from A to F.

    Vollence also makes an underwire pocket bra specifically made to wear with these and other breast forms. It comes in three colors and sizes from 34 A/B to 42 DD.

    If you need black breast forms in larger sizes, the ZMASI Silicone Breast Forms have a similar look, feel, and price point. They come in cup sizes from A to G.

  13. 14. Most Affordable Breast Form: MaxTara Silicone Breast Forms

    • Teardrop shape prevents tender tissue irritation
    • They move, bounce and look natural
    • Soft and natural feel
    • You can purchase by cup size
    • They don't come in sets
    • They tend to run large
    • Quite heavy

    These high-quality silicone breasts forms are soft and comfortable, which is extremely important post surgery. Designed as a suitable prosthesis for mastectomy patients, these breast forms provide shape and comfort in your pre-surgery clothes and bras.

    These silicone enhancers move and feel like natural breasts. They are soft to the touch, quickly regain their shape, and will gently bounce when you move. Shaped like a waterdrop, they also protect your tender post operative tissues from getting bumped and injured. They also aid in keeping your body balanced, while keeping your self image strong.

    These affordable breast forms work well in a comfy cotton wire-free bra, and also fit beautifully inside your mastectomy swimsuit. Keep in mind, that these are ordered individually, so if you’re a bilateral mastectomy patient, you’ll need to order two.

  14. 15. Best Affordable Breast Form: Envy Body Shop Silicone Breast Form

    • Asymmetrical shape allows you to buy for the correct side
    • L-shape has extra long sides to fill in where tissue has been lost
    • Very affordable compared to most breast forms
    • Feels heavier than others at the same size
    • Not as durable as more expensive options
    • Poor customer service reported

    Natural looking under your clothes and natural feeling to the touch, these Envy Body Shop medical grade silicone breast forms are a perfect option following a mastectomy. Designed to support the aches and pains of recovery, the L-shaped prosthesis feature an extra long side arm extension. This helps replace volume in areas where tissues may have been lost through more radical cancer surgeries.

    These forms are left and right breast specific, so be sure to order the ones you need. At these affordable prices, you might consider getting a second set. These breast forms are comfy and lightweight, and look great under your clothes, and according to enthusiastic users, they even look good underneath close fitting tee shirts.

Why Consider Silicone Breast Forms?

Breast forms are often an alternative to breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. BreastCancer.org also makes the point that they allow you time to heal before reconstruction begins, or they offer you an alternative while you decided whether or not you want to undergo more surgery.

Silicone breast forms are currently the best choice for long term wear and natural look and feel, although foam breast forms are most often used immediately following surgery. They offer a weightless solution, while tender tissues are first healing.

Will My Breast Forms Look and Feel Natural?

Silicone breast forms come in many shapes and styles, with natural-looking tissue and nipple colors, to simpler versions that fulfill a variety of needs. Often, these are weighted to move and feel natural to the touch. There are also breast forms that are specifically designed for swimming and other exercises.

While some of these silicone breast prostheses come as singles, many companies require you to buy two, which can seem like a hefty expense. We've done our best to include singles and pairs at every price range.

Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Silicone Breast Forms?

Do keep in mind, the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act established coverage for custom breast forms, but many insurance plans will leave you on the hook for copays and deductibles. Insurance might also pay for a certain number of pocket bras after surgery, so be sure to check with your insurance provider.

Why Are There So Many Different Shapes of Breast Forms?

You'll notice that most breast forms are described as either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical forms can be used to replace either breast. Asymmetrical breast forms are specifically shaped for either the left or right breast.

Some asymmetrical breast forms have been carefully designed to add volume to areas where extensive tissue has been removed during surgery, particularly under the arm. These breast forms will help you to look more natural in clothes, especially if you've had surgery on just one side.

While it's hard enough to cope with the physical recovery from a life-threatening disease, women who fight breast cancer have to make it through a huge emotional hurdle too. So often, their self-esteem suffers, and it's hard to get back to feeling beautiful and strong. 

Because there's so much to think about before and after surgery, we'd also recommend reading more at AmericanCancerSociety.org.