Best Prime Day Crafting Deals

These are the best Prime Day crafting deals whether you’re into knitting, sewing, quilting, visual arts, soap-making, and more. You’ll find great early holiday gifts or simply to treat yourself with supplies to keep you busy through a long winter at home.

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What and when is Prime Day?

Prime Day is the sales event only open to Amazon Prime members that takes place on October 13th an 14th for 2020. These thousands and thousands of reduced prices are exclusive to those with Prime memberships so if you don't already have a membership, now's the item to start that 30-day free trial

Arts and crafts in 2020.

The world is not like it was last year and crafting and the arts have become more popular and important than ever. They provide comfort, entertainment, and a way to express and occupy ourselves during our increased time at home. 

This is going to be even more important in the winter months when folks, like me, in the northern parts of the country can't go outside as much. 

I'm a crocheter and having that repetitive task to keep me busy has been crucial to keeping my stress levels down.

Not the mention, 2020 has created a resurgence in sewing as a practical and critical practice as the world suddenly needed masks and needed them fast. The CDC provided a pattern and crafting heroes responded. 


Hyyge is a Danish word that doesn't have an English equivalent but the closest word would be "cozy." 

It was on the shortlist to be 2016's word of the year but 2020 is truly the year that will need hygge more than any time before. 

Hyyge is enjoying small things like warm blankets, nice-smelling candles, and spending long winter night's in your own crafting. 

Crafting supplies aren't always as affordable as we want them to be so finding sales like these Prime Day deals can unlock a world of crafting tools you might otherwise not have access to.


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