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Black Friday LOL Surprise Deals: Save Up to $77

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If you’ve been holding off on picking up the latest LOL dolls, the Black Friday LOL Surprise deals are now live so let’s get saving you some money, shall we?

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Should You Buy on Black Friday or Wait for the Christmas Sales? 

As someone who's now a veteran of Black Friday, let me tell you: Don't wait. If you want to get toys for a cheap as possible, Black Friday beats out all other sales. 

It is tempting to wait until December to stock up on Christmas gifts, but to be honest with you, the sales pale in comparison to Black Friday. If you're looking to save the most you can, Black Friday deals are generally much more generous than those we see in December. 

How Hard Will LOL Surprise Be to Get Hold of in December? 

If there's one IP you can bet on selling out, it's LOL. The smaller gifts - dolls, for example - mostly stay in stock up until the final two weeks. The dollhouses, though, that's where the problems arise. I've seen first-hand how quickly the dollhouses - especially newly released sets - sell out. 

My advice? Buy early and hide the gift somewhere they won't find it. Even without the current shipping problems every retailer is victim to, LOL is one of the biggest IPs out there and believe me, you don't want to leave it until the last minute and go head-to-head with third-party sellers who jack up the price. No one wants that. 

So if you want to avoid a headache, it pays to shop smart and stock up early.