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Best Cyber Monday Baking Deals

Spoil the bakers in your life (and yourself) this year while saving big with these unbeatable Cyber Monday baking deals.

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Best Cyber Monday Baking Sets.

Lots of folks took up baking this year with whatever they had in their kitchens so this holiday is the perfect time to spoil our loved ones and ourselves with the right tools for the job.

Baking sets are a good choice for people just getting into baking because it gives them a variety of sizes and shapes all in one purchase.

Will Discount Kitchen Bakeware Cut It?

I have baked with a range of pans in my life and truly, splurge on good pans does make a difference. It won't always make or break a cake, but it certainly helps. 

Cyber Monday sales are a way around the price tags of high-end pans so you can pick up quality bakeware at cheap prices.

Why Does It Feel So Good to Bake When We're Stressed?

It's 2021 so it's safe to say stress levels are at an all-time high between quarantine, politics-stress, and grief from lost loved ones--and many of us have found some relief through stress baking. 

When quarantine started and the population was split into two groups: the people baking banana bread and the people baking sourdough dough bread. 

There's a reason people turn to baking when times of extreme stress. Dr. Donna Pincus is quoted in this Boston University article as saying that when we bake we have control over what we're doing and the results are generally a tasty reward. 

When we have little control over what's going on around us, it's nice to do something we do have control over. And if that something results in cake, all the better. 

The other piece is that baking requires concentration, according to the CEO of the Depressed Cake Shop Foundation. When you're focusing on how many teaspoons of baking soda (not baking powder!) you need, you're not letting your stressful thoughts get away from you. 

So don't fight your instincts. Bake away. You'll feel better. 

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