Soligt Prime Day Deal (2020): Save 20% On Fermenting Kit

fermenting kit prime day deal (Tatjana Baibakova)

Are you ready to master another cooking craft? Do yourself a favor and pick up this totally awesome fermenting kit on Amazon Prime Day and get to making your own kimchi, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods from scratch.

A great gift for yourself, your favorite home cook, or even a winning idea for those gift exchanges this holiday season, with this fermenting kit Prime Day deal you can save 20% on one of the most popular starter kits on Amazon.

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fermentation kit prime day


Have you ever thought about fermenting vegetables? Other foods? Aside from the obvious cool factor of saying “yeah, I made that,” there are loads of health benefits to letting your veggies soak in brine and turn into something delicious.

Most notably, the probiotics gained from the fermenting process are incredibly good for your gut. And, yeah, probiotics are technically bacteria but it’s the good kind. The kind you need for a healthy digestive system. And, by making sure your gut is healthy and things are operating as they should, your body will actually absorb more nutrients, build up a better immune system, and increase your serotonin levels. So, yeah, fermenting your food is not only a cool crafty thing to do, it’s a healthy thing to do, too.

This fermenting kit from Soligt comes with everything you need – except the mason jars – to make your own fermented foods. Included in this starter kit are:

  • Four fermentation weights – made of lead-free and food-grade glass, these weights are heavy and large enough to keep your veggies under the brine line. Easy to get into jars and also easy to get them out.
  • Four fermenting lids – BPA-free, these innovative waterless airlock lids work to release built-up gas so that you don’t have to worry or do the work! They also keep air from getting in.
  • Mold-free guaranteed pump – easy to use hand pump that pulls the oxygen from the jars.
  • Six jar labels – be sure to date each label to keep your fermenting projects organized.
  • A recipe book and guide with instructions on how to get started

If you’re in need of wide mouth mason jars, too, check these ones out from Ball – a true classic.

Favored by many, this starter kit is easy to use and works like a charm. You’ll be whipping up all kinds of awesome fermented goodies in no time.

In need of a little recipe inspiration? There are many wonderful ideas online, but here are some of our favorite fermented foods: pickled vegetables, carrots, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kombucha, cheese, miso, soybeans, and more! There are so many delicious possibilities that you’ll have to try them all!

To get started on your next kitchen craft, take a look at this kit from Soligt and save 20% with this fermenting kit Prime Day deal! But, you better hurry! This deal ends at 7:20 AM today!

Shop The Fermenting Kit Prime Day Deal

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