An Interview With The Cast Of Kick-Ass

Imagine being a superhero. Except you don’t have any powers. Or cool gadgets like Batman or Iron-Man. So the only thing that separates you from the bad guys is the fact that you’re wearing a costume. That’s the premise behind Kick-Ass, the adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book coming to theaters April 16th. Three of the cast members sat down to discuss their roles in the film.

Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) is new to comics but is a big fan of Wolverine. Growing up, he used metal kebab skewers between his fingers as claws. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist) says his character had “a David Bowie look until some asshole said ‘You look like Adam Lambert!'” Consequently, that joke stuck.

13-year-old Chloe Moretz (Hit-Girl)  had the opportunity to work with the Jackie Chan stunt team and the stunt crew from 300 so she did almost all of her own stunts on the film. Because of her age, she hadn’t read the comic when she was auditioning because she wasn’t allowed to. She actually advised her friends not to see the film because it’s so graphic. Or maybe it’s because she kills hella amounts of people in it.

Of all the trials on set, Johnson admits that wearing the costume was the most difficult. “Beware of the chaffing of the jock strap,” he warns. He didn’t bulk up for the film (director Matthew Vaugn preferred a geekier look) “but I trained to take a punch or kick to the face,” he says. Mintz-Plasse agreed. “I hated that costume,” he says. “I got bruises and rashes in weird places.” Moretz didn’t have any problem with her costume but she did mention one accident on set. “I fell on my face once… it was funny.”

Johnson says that Mark Millar is currently working on the sequel which is rumored to be titled Motherf—er, which would be Red Mist’s new name. The concept is that people would run around yelling “Hey, Motherf—er!” getting him all riled up to set him off. But thinking about the sequel is  “way too far in the future,” Mintz-Plasse says. However if they were to sign on for the sequel, Johnson says that his character should remain as Dave “cuz that’s what Kick-Ass is.”