Courtney Love Not Changing Her Name Anymore?

Maybe Courtney What’s-Her-Face was just toying with us regular people to see how we would react to her name change. Well, it must not have been as great as she expected because now she’s taking it back, reports. After declaring to NME that she was changing her name from “Courtney Love” to “Courtney Michelle,” because the name was a way to “oppress” her, Love’s spokesperson said that her quote was taken “100 percent out of context.” It was then added that she would not be changing her name, “unless it’s to ‘Courtney Love Mellencamp’ or ‘Big Baby Jesus.'”

Now, it’s not gonna be fun calling her either name. If she wants to be “Courtney Michelle,” we’ll still call her “Courtney Love.” It’s just all over the place right now. Let’s wait a few days and see if she changes her mind again.

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