Mark Hamill To Adapt His Own Comic To Film?

First off, I didn’t realize Mark Hamill has done anything but voiceovers in the past two decades. But apparently, he wrote a five-part comic series titled The Black Pearl which was published by Dark Horse in 1996. In the story, a man accidentally becomes a costumed vigilante. Now, Hamill is hinting at possibly adapting the comic book to a movie, reports.

At a panel called “Famous People Talkin’ About Sh*t” in L.A., Hamill said that he was ready to start a project he’d wanted to do for a long time. Unfortunately, his “partners” wouldn’t allow him to release any specifics until the Cannes Film Festival next month. Hamill’s previous directorial experience is 2004’s Comic Book: The Movie

But he did give a few hints. He said it’s about a comic book he wrote that’s set in the real world that has a dark humor. The only other things Hamill wrote was an introduction to a Batman trade paperback and a few stories for the Simpsons Comics. So the cat’s pretty much out of the bag unless he has a pseudonym (doubtfully) or an unpublished comic series.

Hamill says the goal is “to make a movie the studios wouldn’t make.”

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