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Iron Man 2 Game

After last week’s epic haul of gaming goodness, we take a little breather this week. That’s not to say that there’s nothing of interest on shelves, though – to the contrary, my friend. Here’s the new titles hitting joyboxes today.

Iron Man 2 – What, like you thought there wouldn’t be a game of this? Sega’s title for the first movie was kind of a downer – really repetitive and kind of unengaging, which is not cool when you’re playing a flying human tank. It looks like they’ve learned from their mistakes with the sequel, which is not based around the movie’s story. Instead, it’s got a new plot written by Matt Fraction, who also helms Tony Stark’s comic book. So that’s points right there. Eight missions that you can play as either Iron Man or War Machine, customizable suits, voicework by Samuel L. Jackson and Don Cheadle – this could be good.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack – Perfect timing. If you saw yourself starting to fade on CoD, this new map pack will be just what the medic ordered to get you back in the action. This hit on Xbox 360 a little while ago, but now PC gamers can get their hands on the three new maps and two favorites brought in from the first Modern Warfare.

Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition – This quirky first-person brawler came out last year on Steam but is now available as an Xbox Live title. It’s a really bizarre but captivating game, where you navigate through a bizarre fantasy world beating the living crap out of everything that stands in your way. For sure worth a play if you haven’t tried it out.

Picross 3D – If you feel your brain is getting flabby, this DS puzzler is the answer to your prayers. Picross is a horrendously popular game in Japan, where using numeric clues you fill in squares to make images, and this modern-day upgrade takes it into the third dimension. Everybody who’s played it raves over it, so this might be a portable pick for the week.

Fat Princess: Fistful Of Cake – This caused quite the kerfluffle when it was released as a downloadable for the PS3 (because god forbid anyone make fun of fat people), but if you missed the very un-PC action/strategy game there, you can now have it to go on the PSP. Gameplay is simple: teams try to steal the opposing squad’s princess. You can feed her to make her harder to move, as well as engage your foes directly. Who doesn’t like cake?

Raystorm HD – A high-def upgrade to a classic PlayStation shooter, this will keep your trigger finger in callouses for several weeks. Although the gameplay may feel a bit dated, there are very few shooters as well-balanced and fun for players of all skill levels out there.

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