January Jones Signs On For X-Men: First Class

January Jones X-Men First Class

January Jones, better known as Betty Draper from Mad Men, has reportedly signed on to play the telepathic Emma Frost in the upcoming reboot X-Men: First Class, according to Variety. Alice Eve (She’s Out of Your League, Sex & the City 2) had been reportedly in negotiations for the part for the last couple of weeks before Jones signed on.

The film, directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass), will reportedly center on the friendship of Professor X, played by James McAvoy, and Magneto, played by Inglorious Basterds‘  Michael Fassbender. Kevin Bacon has been announced as playing the main villain, but they are keeping the character a secret.

The cast of this film keeps growing by the week, it seems. For all the talk of how two villains in a superhero movie are too many, I believe there are now 39 members of this X-Men team. In the Variety story above, they also announce the casting of 3 minor team members and a young Magneto. That, to go along with the earlier signing this week of Oliver Platt as a mysterious “Man in Black” character.

While Vaughn is a very capable director, he’s working for Fox now, and if there is one thing they have proven in the past it’s that they are not afraid to screw up a X-Men film. Just, please, don’t bring Halle Berry back as Storm.

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