X-Men: First Class Film Set In The 60s

X-Men First Class

With all of the recent casting news being released on the upcoming X-Men: First Class, set to begin filming in London soon, producer Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects) spoke to Harry Knowles at AICN to clear a few things up. What he actually ended up doing was making this movie sound a thousand times cooler than originally thought.

The original rumor, that this was a reboot, was wrong. This will actually be a prequel set in the 60s. JFK is the president. Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) meet, and together form the X-Men, in the hopes that man and mutant one day will live in peace. The film will also show how Professor X lost the ability to walk.

The members of the X-Men will include Beast, Angel, Havoc, and Banshee. It will be interesting to see who will be the team leader in the movie, because in the comics Havoc was Cyclops’ brother, which would seem to be a perfect way to tie in to the later films.

The villains of the film will be the Hellfire Club. Kept secret until now, Kevin Bacon will play Sebastian Shaw. January Jones, as reported, will be Emma Frost. Oliver Platt and Jennifer Lawrence round out the Club as The Man in Black and Mystique, respectively.

Finally, the style of the film, both in costume and in concept is said to be reminiscent of the original Bond films of the 60s. We can only hope that means we can expect fun gadgets, deathtraps, and a superhero costume that doesn’t automatically just mean black leather.

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