Full Release: Music

Sara Bareilles

September usually isn’t known for being a month when the music labels release a ton of CDs on the public, but prepare yourself and your wallet this month. In just the first week of the month we’ve got six new releases for you, with each week looking a lot like this one. Let’s get started. There’ll be girls across the nation that will eat this up babe.

Sara BareillesKaleidoscope Heart – The followup album to her 2007 breakthrough, Little Voice. The single “King of Anything” has already been a big hit off the album, so I suppose she doesn’t have to worry about a slump. I actually caught her in concert as the opening act a couple of years ago and she was the highlight of the night. When you are a female singer-songwriter that plays piano, you are automatically going to be compared to a hundred other women that came before you, but Bareilles holds her own. Worth a purchase.

Stone SourAudio Secrecy – This Des Moines, Iowa heavy metal band gives off the vibe that if they could somehow invent time travel, they would still only be the eighth best metal band at any one time. This is a band who had members leave for lucrative careers in Slipknot. Audio Secrecy is being described as their darkest, most melodic album yet. For fans of Disturbed, only not as good.

InterpolInterpol – This NYC rock band formed in 1997 but caught everyone’s attention in 2002 with their self-titled EP released on Matador Records. Also, let’s not discount the number of people that know the name Interpol through the Rock Band games. The new album is said to have a Joy Division feel to it, so put on your depressed dancing shoes. Watch the video for “Barricade.”

DorroughGet Big – Hailing out of Dallas, TX, I had totally forgotten who Dorrough was until a second ago. Do you remember “Ice Cream Paint Job”? That was the worst song of 2009, and there was a lot of bad music released in 2009. I’m talking  “It should have been performed by Soulja Boy” bad. Now he’s back with Get Big. Two promo singles and two official singles have been released from the new album and nothing reaches “ICPJ” levels of bad, but nothing is as memorable either.

Jerry Lee LewisMean Old Man – The 74 year old hellraiser is back at it with another album of collaborations. This time among the famous names to sign up to sing with Jerry Lee are Sheryl Crow, Mick Jagger, John Mayer, Slash, and Ronnie Wood. This is the followup to Lewis’ 2006 duets album Last Man Standing.

Young BuckThe Rehab – Maybe we should all go buy this album out of sympathy for Young Buck. The Cashville rapper just filed for bankruptcy protection after the IRS raided his Hendersonville, TN home and is having his wages docked to repay over $300,000 in back taxes. The Rehab is the final album to be released under his contract with G-Unit. This album has been promised, only to be rescheduled time and again, since 2008.  Honestly, the album is probably crap, judging by the past history of G-Unit rappers after they have a falling out with the label but are stuck due to a contract. Young Buck has said in the past that he wants to release another album as soon as possible after The Rehab hits, without anyone in G-Unit holding him down. The question will then be: will anyone care enough to buy it?