What’s New in Games This Week

Hey, it’s back! And about damn time too, huh? As we approach the busy holiday season, more and more games are coming out, at an almost dizzying pace. So it might certainly help to have a weekly heads up of what to nab, right? Hence here we are again. So with no further adieu…

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (Xbox 360, PS3) – I’ll be honest, I really haven’t messed around with the franchise all that much. When I discovered the basic plot, that you being you’re not actually controlling some bad ass in the 12th century but a dude in modern times that’s experiencing the past via VR, I was instantly turned off by… how shall I say it; how very “French” it all sounded. But this latest installment might be the one where I finally take the dip, due to its online multiplayer aspects, in which all goofy plots take a backseat to the action.

NBA Jam (Xbox 360, PS3) – The arcade classic is back with modern threads! Stuff like this makes me feel super old, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Hopefully the kids of today will be able to appreciate a time in which a fun sports title wasn’t over burdened with this need to be mind-bogglingly realistic. Oh, and here’s hoping the formula has also stood the test of time.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC) – It sounds like a match made in heaven: the folks behind the legendary Burnout series behind the helm behind one of the most prestigious arcade racing franchises. And one that’s almost sorely needed; each NFS installment, no matter how earnest the attempt, has been a disappointment, whereas the last Burnout, while awesome on paper, was a bit of a mess in execution. Both parties needs a bit of refocusing, and thankfully, early indications from critics seem to show that each component is bringing out the best in the other.

Sonic Colors (Wii, DS) – It’s kinda funny how, after the abortion that was Sonic 4, that the very best Sonic game in perhaps years might be the one that’s coming out with zero pomp and pageantry. It’s still riddled with a goofy shtick, that being how Sonic has to save some aliens, which give Sonic all sorts of wacky attributes, but the core gameplay is what everyone wants: Sonic moving very fast, one side of the screen to the other.

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) – Confession time: I thought Donkey Kong Country was the most overrated game of it’s time (was and always will be a Sonic & Knuckles fanboy, fo life). So when I heard what the creators of Metroid Prime’s next project was, I was definitely one of those that was groaning. Yet, oddly enough, after seeing some vids of the game in action, I’ve become a believer! Am pretty certain it will be very much awesome.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Xbox 360, PS3) – Seriously, forget about all the other games mentioned on this list; this here is the real hotness. For those not familiar with easily one of the best reasons to own an Xbox 360, and far and away the greatest sequel to a unsung classic of all time, I’d suggest nabbing that one first. And then come back to truly understand why tears of joy poured from diehard fans’ faces. Video games simply do not get any better than this: