Clams Casino “Instrumentals”

Clams Casino: Instrumentals

Don’t sleep on this one. Clams Casino is a young New Jersey based producer who works out of his mother’s attic. Most recently he’s made beats for Lil B (“I’m God” most famously), Soulja Boy, and Mobb Deep’s Havoc, though word is he’s never actually met any of them (or eaten clams casino for that matter). Clams’ production is beautiful if a touch melancholic – “based” the kids call it, though you’d be hard pressed to find a clear definition of what that means. Full of synth, and often layered with lush vocals and sparkling samples, these instrumentals stand on their own as a worthwhile listen. In fact, removing the vocals makes for a different sort of experience altogether: with the tracks sequenced as they are, the mixtape plays as a complexly textured electronic set. Download right here.