What’s New In Games This Week

This week has a ton of heavy hitters making their big comebacks. Including one that should have been here already…

Portal 2

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Yup, Portal 2 once again. Almost immediately after we listed the game last time, it was pushed back, right on the eve of its release. Some extra time was needed to spiffy things up we’re assuming, plus add new features. Like how the PS3 version connects to Stream and even allows you to play against those on the PC or Mac. Furthermore, you’ll get a second free copy on that end as well. So clearly the choice of which version to get is obvious! PS3 users definitely come out the winners when it comes to multi-platform releases. Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac

Mortal Kombat

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It’s finally here, after many months of build up. The reboot for a franchise that sorely needed it looks to be actually decent, by going back to its roots. In addition to going towards a vibe that’s reminiscent of MK 2 & 3 (you know, when the series was actually good), it’s full of what got them attention in the first place… gore and lots of it, even more so than previous installments (especially the Teen oriented train wreck that was Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe). Granted, the game’s core mechanics were never that hot to begin with, and looks especially antiquated compared Street Fighter 4, which has benefited from years of refinement, but at least it’s willing to poke fun at itself. PS3, Xbox 360

Socom 4

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SOCOM fans, you can rejoice; the franchise has finally made its long awaited debut on the PS3. A system that can finally support online, multiplayer action. Previous installments tried to do, but come on, who among us actually had internet hooked up onto their PS2s? Sure other games might have 32 players blasting each other at the same time, but those other games don’t offer such highly realistic Navy Seal scenarios either. The PlayStation Move support, when you get down to it, is simply icing on the cake! PS3

Conduit 2

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Speaking of FPSs… the PS3 ain’t the only one getting a major, high profile follow-up on that end. Granted, as high profile as one can be when it’s a first person shooter and on Nintendo’s console. The first Conduit flew under everyone’s radar, by virtue of the reasons just stated, but those that actually gave it a spin was pretty shocked by how amazing it looked and controlled. Honestly, the Wii’s set-up is perfect for such games, but its lack of online bells and whistles is the biggest issue… of course everyone knows that already. Truth be told, the biggest problem was how mind-meltingly generic the affair was, but then again, SOCOM is hardly original stuff either. Part 2 looks to be the same, with all the improvements one would expect, and again, it’s a FPS on the Wii, so something is better than nothing. Wii