What’s New In Games This Week

Stuff of the caliber of LA Noire can’t come out, one week after another I’m afraid. It’s mostly casual and licensed garbage for the Wii and DS (trust me, not even worth the bother of just casually rattling off names). Instead, check out the following noteworthy pair…

Dirt 3

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The third edition of the Colin McRae Rally offshoot series is finally here, by one of the more criminally underrated developers of the driving simulators (though I must admit, pretty much everything else that Codemasters produces is kinda blah). Here’s what to expect: absolutely mind-blowing visuals, completely dead-on real life physics (which is both good and bad; if you can’t drive worth a damn in the real world, then good luck here). Plus, the return of the Flashback feature, which allows one to rewind time to avoid that crash for the second time… maybe. Though it comes with the cost of losing “reputation” points, which is a core element of the campaign mode. Totally new is the gymkhana mode that has you drifting and doing 180s or 360s around an obstacle course, for more of those valuable rep points. Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Dead or Alive Dimensions

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First off, this game has been banned in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, due to the belief that it constitutes porn, which makes it an instant buy. Actually, they consider it kiddie porn, which is even asinine (it totally is not, btw). Anyhow, for those of you who have grown bored of Street Fighter 4 on the 3DS, here’s a bit more of the same, though also a tad different. The familiarity I speak of is yet another fully featured, no corners cut, and more importantly, full impact fighting game spectacular. As for something different, well, it’s the first time the DOA franchise has made its way to a Nintendo system – so nuff said. Aside from all the fantastic boobie-shakin gameplay, Dimensions serves as a primer to get one up to speed, since it covers all four of the previous DOA tournaments and essentially has every single character to appear thus far. 3DS