Death Grips “Exmilitary”

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Seriously, this is some crazy sh*t. First came the awesome skate video for Spread Eagle Across The Block (you can read about the making of that video here). Next came the video for Guillotine (bad acid trip anyone?) featuring possibly the scariest man in America (seriously, he makes Zach de la Rocha look like a sleeping kitten). But there isn’t very much known about Death Grips. There are rumors of this being a Zach Hill project, but aside from seeing his name brought up on a couple of blogs, it’s all a mystery. Either way, both tracks are available on their mixtape, Exmilitary. It’s 13 tracks of relentless, bass-blasting, hip-hop madness, dipping into everything from glitched-out dubstep and warped reggaeton, to uber-processed metal guitar and samples from every genre, culture and era that you can think of. Death Grips only have two upcoming US shows listed, both in July: one in SF and one in NYC. It only took me three songs into Exmilitary before I got myself a ticket – I am more than a little curious about how they represent live.

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