What’s New In Games This Week

Choices, choices, choices? What path are you going to walk down this week? The righteous one, in which you do God’s willing, or the less than so, in which your aim is to be the number one assassin (and also get laid)?

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
[BoxTitle]No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise[/BoxTitle] [WatchTrailer]http://heavy.com/games/2011/04/no-more-heroes-has-arrived-on-the-ps3/[/WatchTrailer] [BuyNow]http://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k-No+More+Heroes+Heroes+Paradise[/BuyNow]

The Wii is known for many things, mostly that system for kids and old folks, who think playing a game is swinging your arms around like an idiot. Little did most of us know that one of the most satisfying hardcore gaming experiences of this generation called that console home. Though convincing folks otherwise has been a pain in the ass, so at least we finally have the long-awaited PS3 port of No More Heroes. Basically, you’re this weird dude who’s into anime and Mexican wrestling that also has a lightsabre. One that actually works. So with it, your aim is to be the number #1 assassin in town, which might also hopefully get you some girly action! It’s basically a wacky Japanese take on Gran Theft Auto, with the colorful characters, and also the goofy side jobs you have to engage in to take part of the tournament that governs all the killing. Expect the same awesome game as before but with HD visuals and a smattering of elements from the (as of yet, Wii only) sequel. Best of all is the Move support, to make it feel like you’re still playing the original, whose motion sensitive controls actually worked splendidly. PS3

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
[BoxTitle]El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron[/BoxTitle] [WatchTrailer]http://heavy.com/games/2011/02/el-shaddai-ascension-of-the-metatron-game-trailer/[/WatchTrailer] [BuyNow]http://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k-El+Shaddai+Ascension+of+the+Metatron[/BuyNow]

You can thank the Japanese for making a game that’s based upon the Holy Bible but actually make it pretty awesome. There’s no running around Noah’s Ark and feeding grain to animals here, like those old Wisdom Tree games. Nope, instead we’re getting a finely tuned Devil May Cry-like experience that does away with all the fat the genre has managed to accumulate over the years. As Enoch, just a humble servant of God, you must hunt down the seven fallen angels that are set to bring about a huge flood that will wipe out all of mankind. Helping along the way is Lucifer of all beings; for those familiar with the Old Testament you might recognize the story as the tale told in Deuterocanonical Book of Enoch, and the devil himself was still a good guy at this point. He also wears designer jeans and uses a cell phone. Though that doesn’t come close to how styling and profiling the game itself looks. The designers had the challenge of creating environments that could only be crafted with divine, and boy did they did they ever deliver. Xbox 360, PS3