Want To Be A Pro Gamer?

Listen, we know that you spend countless hours in that crusty old bean bag chair munching away on cheese doodles while popping off COD headshots and dominating Mario Kart, wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for it? Whoa, hold up, don’t mess yourself just yet, we’re not offering any kind of six-figure salary for your Minecraft skills, but we would like to cue you in on how to get paid for your gaming love affair. G4 University is offering interviews and tips with game designers, artists, story writers and professional game testers on how you just might be able to snag one of the elusive jobs in the game industry.

Seriously, who better to dispel knowledge about scoring a sweet gig in gaming than Gears of War hot shot Mike Capps or gaming journalist Adam Sessler?

Check out a class preview and then get your lily ass in school, and tell’em Heavy sent you!

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