Future Swing Stories: Ghetto Swing Vol. 1

[BoxTitle]Future Swing Stories: Ghetto Swing Vol. 1: Bring’in Back Da Bottle[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload]http://www.facebook.com/pages/Future-Swing-Stories/308088812540485?ref=ts[/FreeDownload]

In the electronic music world styles of even one “kind” of music change and trend towards sub-classification all the time: Jungle > Drum & Bass > 2-Step > Grime > Dubstep > Brostep….and I’m sure there are some who would argue that some of those are out of order or missing a step along the way – it depends on who you talk to, where they live and what year it is. It can be annoying to keep up with and sometimes the differences are very subtle. But here is something fun that’s making a name for itself: Electro Swing. I’ll let mixtape masters Future Swing Stories explain:

“Electro Swing or Ghetto Swing as we’ve so humbly labeled it, is a merging of music styles including but not isolated to, Swing, Jazz, Dixieland, Big Band and old Blues bedding down with the most recent of production methods and arriving at a sound that is: fun but heavy; full but dusty; clean but down right dirty. Borrowing bits from all the grandfather greats sounds is a great way to bring appreciation to what they did and maybe be a glimmer of hope in the effort to stare now-days popular music away from mainstream brain numbing bleakness.”

All it takes is a button click on their Facebook page and the hour-long mix is yours.

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