These Go To 11 Awards: Top Music Videos

LA’s favorite post-punk indie duo released this clip for their 2010 album Everything In Between. A simple but clever video, it’s a one-shot wonder of absent-minded destruction.

Here’s the first video that set off one of this year’s biggest music stories: Tyler, The Creator and the whole Odd Future gang. Simple, disturbing, this clip won Tyler the 2011 MTV VMA for Best New Artist and gained him a whole lot of press. The hype may be blown out at this point, but the video is still a winner.

Battles’ Gloss Drop might be one of 2011’s most underrated albums, but this clip, from The Creators Project, got lots of attention: four minutes of a man falling down (up?) an escalator. Oh yeah, and that’s Gary Numan. Wicked.

Arcade Fire blew everyone’s mind with their interactive video for The Wilderness Downtown and continued to raise the bar with this new clip. Here is the traditional version, but you should check out the interactive video as well.

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