Bonobo: Mix For Solid Steel Mixtape

[BoxTitle]Bonobo: Mix For Solid Steel[/BoxTitle] [FreeDownload][/FreeDownload]

You want it. An seamless hour set from UK DJ / Producer Simon Green, aka Bonobo. Guaranteed to keep your head bobbing as he winds his way through every kind of smoothed out and electro vibe for Sold Steel.

Track List
Seams: Hung Markets _ Pictures Music
Nufrequency: Fallen Hero (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix)h
Jamie Woon: Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)
DJ Medhi: Pocket Piano
Bullion: You Drive me to Plastic
Bonobo: We Could Forever (Bonobo 808 mix)
Sect: Man of Wisdom
Nickodemus: Conmigo (Es E remix)
Floating Points: ARP3
Dauwd Ikopol: Pictures Music
Teebs: Jahara
Juk Juk: Winter Turn Spring
FourTet: Locked
Eliphino: L.F. (i know)
Falty DL: The Sale Ends
Blawan: Potchla Vee
Jack Dixon: Coconuts
Mosca: Bax
Koreless: 4D
Ifan Dafydd: Miranda
Sepalcure: Pencil Pimp