Men in Black Director to Helm New Comic / Movie Crossover

“Men in Black” director Barry Sonnenfeld is teaming up with superstar comic writer Grant Morrison and artist Mukesh Singh to produce a new graphic novel and film entitled “Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens”. The multimedia project will kick off this spring with the release of the book available in both digital and hard copy format. Publisher Liquid Comics gave us an exclusive look at some of the preliminary artwork and samples from the upcoming book along with some more information about the project.

“Liquid Comics announced today that it is releasing, “Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens,” as an interactive digital app, E-Book and graphic novel this summer.

To kick off the launch of Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens this summer, Liquid will first release over 50,000 free preview editions of the book through comic book shops nationwide as part of the comic industry’s annual, “Free Comic Book Day,” event on May 5th. In June, Liquid will work with publishing partner, Dynamite Entertainment to release a premium hardcover graphic novel of the series priced at $19.99. In addition to the physical book launch, Liquid will release an enhanced interactive digital book app, allowing readers to peel back the layers and see how selected art pages were created, while also engage in various interactive features to enhance the story further.”

“Growing up my fascination was all things dinosaur, and as an adult, I’ve had some success making films about aliens, so this is a dream come true. I met Sharad several years ago when I wrote a forward for one of Liquid’s graphic novels and we’ve been trying to do a project together ever since,” commented Sonnenfeld.

The story for Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens is based on a secret world war battle that was never recorded in our history books. When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, our planet’s only saviors are the savage prehistoric beasts which are much more intelligent than humanity has ever imagined.

“In both formats – as a screenplay with Barry’s patient, insightful support and constant encouragement to be bold and creative, or as a graphic novel with Mukesh soaring sublime – I’ve had immense and blissful fun with every stage of this project and enjoyed the sheer luxury of working with incredibly imaginative and intelligent people. And some pretty smart dinosaurs too, as you’ll see,” commented Morrison.

“This epic story is everyone’s dream battle come to life. We are thrilled to work with Barry Sonnenfeld to bring his vision of dinosaurs versus aliens to the world,” added Devarajan. “Barry’s creativity is also enhanced by the amazing talents of Grant Morrison who remains one of graphic fiction’s modern masters and Mukesh Singh, whose artwork continues to defy the limits of human imagination.”

Look for the preview edition of “Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens” May 5th at “Free Comic Book Day” and for the full release in June.

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