Your Vita Software Shopping List

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
[BoxTitle]Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer] [BuyNow][/BuyNow]

There’s not a whole lot to say here: it’s a pixel perfect port of the last year’s number two fighting game. Sorry, but the king of the hill is still the Mortal Kombat revival, which is also coming to the Vita later this Spring. For those who absolutely need to punch and kick on the go, Ultimate MvC3 is certainly not the worst of options available. Again, the same rules apply; silky smooth, over the top tag-team action, featuring a cast of colorful characters from the houses that Stan Lee and Mega Man built. Unfortunately, the same questionable DLC price structures are also intact. As for any Vita extras, you’ve now got the ability to tap the screen for unleashing those combo assaults. Which makes traditional button mashing seem ultra skillful in comparison.

Lumines Electronic Symphony
[BoxTitle]Lumines Electronic Symphony[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer] [BuyNow][/BuyNow]

It’s another version of the now classic block puzzler that was to the PSP as Tetris was to Game Boy, only with fancier tunes. But like every installment that has come since, the absence of Mondo Grosso, and Lumines is still felt.But for those who can deal, it’s the same rock solid and engaging gameplay as before, with a few additions now in the mix. Expect brand new types of blocks, and avatars that have special abilities instead of just bouncing to the music. Music-wise, big name highlights include The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, LCD Soundsystem, and Goldfrapp. They’re no Mondo Grosso, but who is these days?

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
[BoxTitle]Uncharted: Golden Abyss[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer] [BuyNow][/BuyNow]

I’m not saving the best for last, because Nathan Drake is only here by the skin of his teeth. It’s not a horrible game per say, just not quite up there with the standards of the other console offerings. In fact, if it didn’t have the word “Uncharted” in the title, I’d be far more enthused. Anyhow, for an Uncharted game that was not crafted by Naughty Dog, it’s a pretty damn fine facsimile. Where the game somewhat drops the ball is with control. Being a launch title, Golden Abyss is meant to showcase all the tricks that the system is capable of, but these can also prove to be unnecessary and often times annoying. It can be frustrating at first, but if you give it time you’ll eventually get the hang of it. At the very least, it’s one of the most technically brilliant looking games out of the batch. Things could be better, but they could also be much worse.