Inside Video Game Factories of the 1980s

1980s Video Game Companies Factory – Purchased a huge cache of old gaming footage months back. A lot of these vids showed game companies from back in the day, all putting together the games we loved to play so much. A lot of the footage in here already appears online as part of larger vids, so in an attempt…2012-05-30T17:45:00Z

Get an inside look into the humble beginnings of gaming production with this montage of the factory floors of several gaming companies in the early 1980s. It’s a fascinating glimpse at just how much work went into putting together those coveted arcade cabinets. As cool as the video is, it pretty much shatters the fantasy I had as a kid of how much fun working for a game company would have been. Whether it’s stuffing boxes with Metroid 2 or putting together auto parts, an assembly line is still an assembly line.

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