Dexter Season 7 Trailer Reveals Deb’s Breakdown


Showtime just released a new trailer for what might be the most climatic season of Dexter yet. The trailer reveals that Deb is now fully knowledgeable of Dexter’s homicide from last season, but still unaware of just how psychotic her adopted brother really is. Throughout the trailer we witness Deb’s slow discovery of her brother’s alter ego and are left with the question of how it will all impact their already tumultuous relationship.

The show’s definitely had it’s ups and downs over its six seasons and is no stranger to the occasional plot hole. Still, this trailer looks completely badass with the Deftone’s “House of Flies” providing the soundtrack for what could be one of the show’s strongest seasons thus far (there’s no topping seasons 1 and 4).

The show is slated for an eighth season, but after watching the trailer, it’s a little difficult to imagine how Dex is going to continue to evade justice with the entire department closing in on him. Look for the dark passenger to return on September 30th.

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