Are You Ready For ‘Passion’?


Hollywood it girl, Rachel McAdams, and upcoming starlet from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Raplace star in this sadistic thriller about deception and power, amidst a lesbian fueled plot that goes from sensuous to disturbing.

The 67 second trailer doesn’t seem to give much away other than that something happens between them which involves an idea that is passed as one’s own in the sterile corporate work atmosphere. Adams who stars as Christine, the powerful seductress boss and Raplace, as the timid underdog, develop a fixation for each other which involves a creepy mask. Scream meets Basic Instinct?

Director Brian DePalma (Carrie(1976), Blowout(1980)) has delivered quite a number of hits in the past, and by the looks of this, he may have another one on his hands. It’s scheduled for a late fall release.