Back To The Future Meets Grand Theft Auto IV: Gun it to 88!

In an odd twist of fanboy devotion, two unlikely franchises have come together. A Back To The Future mod has been pieced together for Grand Theft Auto IV in jerry-rigged fashion as if an homage to the movie’s iconic DeLorean. The mod incorporates the flux capacitor, the time stamps, the flaming tire marks, the proper sound effects from the movie, and a full-on Marty McFly skin. Once the DeLorean hits 88 MPH with a full tank of Plutonium, you trigger the time machine and pop out seconds later in a different time. In GTA style this is used for (what else?) eluding the police, sending the coppers full speed into other cars in hilarious fashion. My personal favorite snapshot from this mod preview was seeing Marty McFly with an assault rifle for a split second, ahhh if only…

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