Eddie Murphy Gunning for Beverly Hills Cop TV Show

Last year Eddie Murphy told Rolling Stone that there would be no Beverly Hills Cop 4 but that he was interested in seeing if he could get a Beverly Hills Cop TV series going. Well, according to Vulture, Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan (creator of Last Resort which is set to air this fall) are shopping a Beverly Hills Cop show to networks. Before you continue reading, click on this video and have the sound going on in the background while you read.

According to the Rolling Stone article, Murphy and Ryan would be creating/producing the show to be an hour-long buddy cop show with a comedic elements that centers around Axel Foley’s son. Although Murphy wouldn’t be the main character, he does plan on being a frequent on-camera presence. Murphy told Rolling Stone that he would do the pilot and then show up “here and there.” Murphy is set to reprise his role as Axel Foley who is is the Chief of Police in Detroit.

There is no question that a Beverly Hills Cop TV show would be awesome but the real question is who would lead the show? My nomination: Donald Glover Community is ending this year which leaves Glover without a job in TV. Donald has a very similar personality to Eddie and has said in the past he would like more serious roles (Ok, it was Spiderman, but hey! That can be serious also kinda!).

Going from movies to TV would be a huge jump for Murphy but let’s be honest, his career is on the down swing and could really use a pick-me-up. A TV version of one of the best 80s movies could be just what the doctor ordered for his ailing Hollywood presence.