‘The Last Stand’: Arnold Makes His Return to Blowing Sh*t Up


I’m psyched for this movie. Arnold hasn’t been in the movie game since 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and it’s about time we get Arnold back doing what he does best – blowing up bad dudes and rattling off some cheesy one-liners. Sure, we’re getting a little bit of Ah-nold in this weekend’s The Expendables 2, but there’s clearly been a hole in the action movie world ever since Arnold went off to play governor.

The Last Stand finds Arnold playing the role of a small time sheriff who must stop a Mexican cartel leader who’s headed towards his sleepy little town. Arnold looks to be in top form (at least for a 65-yr-old) and brings along Forest Whitaker and Johnny Knoxville for the shoot’em-up, blow’em-up high octane ride.

It’ll be interesting to see if audiences will embrace the Terminator back into the action movie fold, and if Arnold can still pull out a strong performance for a decent popcorn flick. From the looks of the trailer, The Last Stand is ready to come out with guns blazing in 2013.