The New ‘Robocop’ Suit is Batman-Bland with a Dose of Dredd (PHOTOS)

The shiny, metallic tin-man with the thigh-releasing hand-cannon has gotten a black matte makeover for the upcoming 2013 remake of the 1987 Paul Verhoeven film based on a reanimated crime fighter more robot than human.

Joel Kinneman is taking over Peter Weller’s robo-role, with Gary Oldman (I love him) and Michael Keaton (love him too) rounding out the cast as the antagonists (Sam Jackson is also part of the cast, but as with any film, isn’t that a given?).

As for the suit? It’s certainly an updated, Batman-like, black-plated finish, with a Judge Dredd-like helmet, that’s composed of more parts than its predecessor. Don’t take these production photos as endgame, though, because CGI will play a heavy part in the film.

Expect that black template to be outfitted with all sorts of futuristic dressings that will most likely make this functional on-set suit look much more dynamic. I, for one, cannot wait to see what the post-production department does with the cyborg cop casing. How ’bout you?