The Cast of ‘Mad Men’ Gets Ripped in Ultimate Booze Supercut

Every on-screen drink in Mad MenVisit Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: For more, go to Mad Men? More like "Mad Sips", am I right? Because… because they drink a lot. Edited by Bryan Menegus.2012-10-01T14:40:26.000Z

Don Draper and his merry bunch of drunks over at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce should just go ahead and check in at the Betty Ford clinic (was that even around in 1964? I don’t know…).

Slacatory’s Mad Men booze supercut shows every drink consumed thus far in the show’s five seasons, and it’s enough booze to make Charlie Sheen blush. Can you really blame them for needing to throw back a few drinks though? All that fornicating and smoking can make a person incredibly thirsty.