Lindsay Lohan a Problem to Work With in ‘Liz & Dick,’ But Worth It

Lindsay Lohan isn’t perfect, and she’s not great to work with, but Larry Thompson, executive producer of “Liz & Dick,” says she was worth it. Lohan stars in the new Lifetime movie about the life of Elizabeth Taylor and Thompson admits it was a bit challenging.

“I certainly work with actresses whose behavior during production were less problematic than Lindsay, but I can say that she truly has been, was thought to be and I think the audience will now see the perfect person to play Elizabeth Taylor and that her performance is truly riveting. But you know, we did have challenges, that’s for sure. We worked through them and we now have a great movie.” Thompson said.

Thompson also said that hiring LiLo came with risks, such as her violating her probation and going to jail, but they made a deal with the actress and decided to take a chance.

I’m not convinced Lohan makes the best Elizabeth Taylor, but it counts for something that the producer is happy with the outcome. The movie follows Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair with Richard Burton and premiers on Nov. 25.

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