One Direction Tattoo Binge: Louis & Zayn Covet Harry’s Chest Swallows

Über famous boy band One Direction is showing the world their edgy alternative side this week by getting tatted up in Los Angeles at the Shamrock Social Club. The well known Hollywood establishment has done work on everyone from Johnny Depp to Angelina Jolie, and the can now proudly add the British pop sensations to their resume. Zayn and Louis made the decision to get the tattoos just one day after fellow bandmate Harry Styles had two swallows added to his chest. Styles also had two previous pieces done on his arms, which read “Things I can,” and conversely “Things I can’t.” Gosh darn he’s deep.

Harry’s swallows represent how many nautical miles he sailed on their last tour

Malik is also no stranger to the game; his previous work includes a microphone and a skull. The bad boy of the group has a growing collection, so it was less of a surprise to see him give in to temptation than Tomlinson.

Now granted, Louis already had a portrait of a stick man on a skateboard on his arm (no really, he does), and apparently some mystery ankle tat, but the addition of two new pieces officially ruins the babyface image he’s worked so hard to establish.

In case your head is spinning as quickly as mine, here’s a few more photos to help you keep your facts straight.

Yes, Harry always had a penchant more making collages.

Oooh, crossed fingers. Who knows what crazy secrets Zayn is hiding? Check it out here! Omg!

Nice shoes

Don’t ever stop Harry…unless you surrender…which would kind of signify stopping

“It’s all for you girl”