FIRST LOOK: Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs [PHOTO]

Ashton Kutcher, Steve Jobs, jObs, Aaron Sorkin.

So there is the first look at the Steve Jobs’ doppelganger.

Ashton Kutcher will step out of Angus T. Jones’ shadow on Two and a Half Men for at least two hours when he takes on the role of Apple creator Steve Jobs for the upcoming jObs.

ashton kutcher steve jobs

The movie has already been booked in to screen on the closing night of the Sundance film festival this January. This version of the Jobs story will cover his 30 years at the forefront of technological advances. So no doubt there will be a few make-up jobs done on Kutcher to give him the look.

jObs will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern and also stars Josh Gad as Jobs co-creator of Apple Steve Wozniak. Also included in the cast are James Woods, Lukas Haas and Dermot Mulroney. It was filmed across Los Angeles in June 2012.

Also in the works right now is an Aaron Sorkin penned version of the Jobs’ story. Sorkin’s story will portray three key moments in Jobs’ life, the launch of the Mac, The NeXT Cube, and the iPod will be covered.

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