Chris Brown Makes Instagram Private After Frank Ocean Brawl

Chris Brown, Chris Brown Instagram Private

Chris Brown has made the bold decision to switch his Instagram to private, cutting himself off from his two million followers, after he made headlines this week for getting into a fight with fellow R&B star Frank Ocean.

Chris Brown, Chris Brown Instagram, Chris Brown Instagram Christ Painting

The switch also comes a day after Brown posted a painting of Jesus on the cross with the caption, “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!” The painting was clearly a representation of how the singer feels under the scrutiny of the press for the fight.

Before making his Instagram private, Brown explained his decision to his fans:

“Social media takes away the essence of why we are even special or icons,” Brown wrote. “So with that, I’m detaching myself from that world.”

Chris Brown, Chris Brown Frank Ocean Fight

The singer is probably feeling so down on himself because if Ocean decides to press charges against him, it could affect his 5-year-probation following his assault of on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna. Brown claims that he didn’t do anything wrong in the brawl, but he was pictured on Tuesday with a cast over his right hand over his knuckles. The singer also claims that he didn’t throw the first punch, but an eyewitness told TMZ that he did indeed initiate the fight with a swing.

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