13 Amazing Photos of Animals Helping Other Animals

These true stories of inter-species kindness will help brighten your day and remind you that sometimes it’s a dog-save-kangaroo world out there.

Dachsund adopts tiger

After a tiger cub born at the Stroehen Zoo in Germany was rejected by his mother, a kind-hearted wired haired Dachsund named Monster adopted the cub. But after Monster died unexpectedly, his daughter Bessi took over as mother. Read more about Bessi and the tiger cub here.

German Shepherd adopts cougar cubs

Cholli, a German Shepherd, adopted a litter of cougar cubs after zoo staff in Russia were afraid the cougar parents would get aggressive. Check out Cholli’s story here.

Cat adopts wild bobcats

Domesticated tabby cat Zoe adopted orphaned wild bobcats after they were discovered in the ruins of a demolished house in South Carolina. The baby bobcats blended nicely with Zoe’s own kittens, making for a modern cat family. Read more about Zoe and the bobcats here.

Labrador cares for abandoned rabbits

In San Francisco, Koa, a 6-year-old Lab, found orphaned rabbits and immediately adopted them as her own. Though Koa has never had puppies of her own, her motherly instincts kicked in once she discovered these helpless baby rabbits. Read about the rabbit and dog family here.

Dog rescues baby kangaroo

Rex the dog saved a baby kangaroo from the pouch of its mom, who had been struck by a car and killed in Torquay, Victoria, Australia. The joey would have otherwise died, had it not been for the heroic Rex. Read their amazing story here.

Hippo rescues zebras

A hippo in Africa saved a young wildebeest and a zebra from drowning as they crossed a river. The strong current of the Tanzania river would surely have taken the lives of the wildebeest and zebra had it not been for the quick-thinking and selfless hippo. Check out the incredible story here.

Dolphin saves beached whales

A dolphin in New Zealand rescued a pygmy sperm whale and her calf, who were caught on a sandbank. Moko, as the dolphin is called, was known for playing around with swimmers before he earned the title of hero. He managed to communicate with the whales and guide them to safety. Check out the extraordinary dolphin here.

Dog rescues cat from coyote

A dog in Connecticut rescued a cat from the grips of a coyote. Stanley the cat would have lost in a big way in his fight with a coyote, had Oliver, his canine brother, not intervened. Stanley and Oliver happen to belong to NBC anchor in New York, Chuck Scarborough. Read more here.

Cat saves dog from coyote

In Rhode Island, it was the cat who saved the dog from a coyote attack. Pictured here is Lilly, a 12-year-old pug, who would have been killed had the house cat not alerted the family to the brawl outside. The cat jumped on the sliding glass door until the owner went outside and startled the coyote away. Read more about it here.

Chimp fosters white tiger

Anjana the chimp fully embraces her motherly instincts. Pictured here with a white tiger, she is fond of taking care of all sorts of baby animals. Read about the loving chimp here.

Gorilla adopts kitten

Koko the gorilla, famous for her use of sign language and flash cards, is also known for adopting kittens. Here Koko is pictured with Tigger, an orange kitten who quickly became a favorite of Koko’s. Read more about the adorable kitten and gorilla bonding here.

Dog helps monkey

After his mother was killed by a hunter, a 3-month-old macaque monkey was taken in to a Buddhist Temple in Thailand, where he was adopted by the temple dog, Tan. Tan looks after the orphaned monkey and even shares his food. Read more about it here.

Dog cares for red pandas

This dog stepped in after the mother of two red pandas rejected them shortly after they were born in the Taiyuan Zoo in China. The mixed-breed dog cared for the red pandas ardently, helping them grow to their potential. Click here to read more about them.