‘Iron Man 3′: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Iron Man 3

Marvel’s next star studded superhero film will be this year’s upcoming Iron Man 3, which is set to hit theaters on May 3. Here’s the top ten facts you need to know about this soon-to-be-released Marvel feature film, its stars and its epic plot.

1. A New Poster Has Just Been Released

Iron Man 3

The latest promotional image for the film shows a downed Tony Stark while he’s outfitted in his “Mark 47” armor. In the background, his home is doused in in flames while several Iron Man suits can be seen going airborne behind Tony. This image lends some proof to the rumor that Tony will create over 40 Iron Man suits during one of the film’s major plot developments.

2. An All-Star Cast Is Returning For This Entry

Iron Man 3

Actor Robert Downey, Jr.

A long list of A-List actors will star in this upcoming sequel. Some of those featured names include Robert Downey, Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Gwyneth Paltrow (Virginia “Pepper” Pots), Rebecca Hall (Dr. Maya Hansen) and Don Cheadle (Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine).

3. The Mandarin Will Be One of The Main Villains

Iron Man 3

Ben Kingsley as “The Mandarin.”

Ben Kingsley is going to star as one of Iron Man’s primary villains, the leader of a terrorist organization who dubs himself as “The Mandarin”. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke to MTV abut the character and his ruthless personality:

The Mandarin is his most famous foe in the comics mainly because he’s been around the longest. If you look, there’s not necessarily a definitive Mandarin storyline in the comics. So it was really about having an idea. In terms of the Fu Manchu stereotyping that was involved, we never had any interest in that. He’s relentless. Assuming that he’s the one responsible for what happens to Tony’s house, no other villain has been able to strike that fast and that hard at one of our heroes. He’s very much about believing that the world needs to learn, and he wants to bend the world to his vision.

4. The Latest Trailer Shows A Weakened Tony Stark

The latest trailer for the film shows Tony Stark in a weakened state as his home is blown to bits and his world is turned upside down. Will Iron Man finally fall or will he prevail over his latest adversaries in the end? The trailer can be viewed above.

5. The “Iron Patriot” Armor Will Be Featured

Iron Man 3

Don Cheadle starred in Iron Man 2 and was last seen taking control of the War Machine Armor. For his next appearance in the film series, Cheadle will reprise his role as Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes and put on a upgraded suit of armor that looks similar to the Iron Patriot uniform.

6. An Obscure Marvel Villain Will Make An Appearance

Iron Man 3

Actor Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan.

Jon Favreau is starring in the film as Tony Stark’s bodyguard, Happy Hogan. The actor tweeted a picture of his character role chair while on set:

7. Guy Pearce Is Playing The Role of Another Iron Man Antagonist

Iron Man 3

Actor Guy Pearce.

Guy Pearce is going to play the part of another one of Tony Stark’s antagonists, Aldrich Killian. Killian and Maya Hansen (Tony Stark’s old friend) develop the Extremis technology, which was designed for the military nanotechnology/human bodning. But when the military stopped funding the project’s development, Killian decides to utilize Extremis for his own selfish, evil desires.

8. James Badge Dale Is Donning The Role of “Coldblood”

Iron Man 3

Actor James Badge Dale.

James Badge Dale will make an appearance in the film as another one of Tony Stark’s enemies. This time, he’ll play the role Eric Savin aka “Coldblood.” This villain has been described as the muscle behind the two other arch nemesis’ that are going to to be pitted against Tony Stark/Iron Man.

9. The Film Will Be Following The “Extremis” Story Arc

Iron Man 3

This next entry in the Iron Man movie series will follow the “Extremis” comic book storyline. The film will feature some elements of the comic book story arc, such as Tony Stark summoning his suit to him in a the same way the armor was assembled via the Extremis remote control.

10. A New Trailer Is On The Way
The next trailer will debut online on March 5 at noon. Make sure you’re close to your computer when this new trailer hits the web.