‘Jeopardy!’ Teen Tournament Champion Just Had the Most Epic Answer Ever

It was clear from the start that one of the three teens in last night’s Jeopardy! Teen Tournament was a little bit looser than his competitors.

One of the most entertaining Final Jeopardy! moments in recent years went to Leonard Cooper, who had just doubled his bank by betting it all on the Daily Double. The crowd knew it was a ballsy move with an audible “Ooohh.”

jeopardy champion, leonard

The category was “Military Men” and Leonard went into the question unfazed by the pressure. I won’t spoil his answer for you, but let’s just say that the guy got a big payday with $75,000.

Leonard was a boss from the start. He knew it, Trebek knew it and Leonard’s competitors knew it. The guy is probably sipping Cristal at this very moment.

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