Rihanna Gets 3-Year Restraining Order: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Rihanna’s safety worries may be put to rest after a judge granted her a restraining order against an obsessed fan who broken into her home last month. TMZ reported that the intruder, Steveland Barrow, was issued an order to stay at least 100 yards away from the singer for the next three years. Here’s what you should know.

1.  The Stalker Broke into the Wrong House

Rihanna's Home

This whole thing started last February after Steveland tried to break into Rihanna’s L.A. home but ended up at her neighbor’s place. After the break-in, he slept on one of the beds until the cops showed up and handcuffed him.

2. He Was Arrested for Breaking and Entering

Steveland Barrow

After he was arrested, police alleged Steveland was trying to break into Rihanna’s house but received the wrong information. Barrow tried to explain to the police that Rihanna gave him an invitation inside her home. The stalker faced other charges including attempted theft of items belonging to Rihanna’s neighbor, according to the Inquisitor.

3. Rihanna First Got a Temporary Restraining Order

Once Rihanna was contacted about a break-in near her home, the cops told her that the crazed stalker was trying to get inside the singer’s house. Rihanna took action and filed a request for a restraining order against Steveland, according to TMZ. At first, the judge gave her a temporary restraining order with terms that the stalker had to stay 100 yards away from Rihanna.

4. She Was Terrified

Rihanna's Security

Rihanna was terrified that the temporary restraining order wouldn’t be enough to keep her out of danger. Luckily, she had the money to pay private security to protect her at all times.

5. Rihanna Was Celebrating Her Birthday During the Break-In

Rihanna's Birthday in Hawaii with Chris Brown

On the day that the intruder invaded Rihanna’s neighbor’s house, the R&B star was on vacation with boyfriend Chris Brown in Hawaii, celebrating her 25th birthday. She posted pics of the vacation on her Instagram page. She was celebrating her special day with Chris along with members of her family and entourage.